Day 18 - favorite title sequenceI"m going come go v my gut instinct top top this one: Alas, that video doesn"t show you the yes, really opening because I can"t find it on YouTube. The does permit you listen to the song, i beg your pardon is ridiculously catchy and is miscellaneous I regularly burst out with randomly. Ns love how absurd and irrelevant the opening of Aqua teen Hunger force is... Which, together Quixote says, is perfectly definitive of the show. An excellent times. If you"re unfamiliar through the show, you can watch episodes (including the location sequence!) online at Adult Swim. Back the opened of ATHF is one of Quixote"s runners-up, his leading favorite is The outer Limits: other than I am unable to embed it, so you must click here. Quixote taken into consideration the title sequences because that both Star Trek and The Prisoner, but eventually concluded: "Even despite both Star Trek and The Prisoner have actually their own appeal and also are incredibly solid (and Star Trek is fully iconic), neither was as an imaginative as The outer Limits. It"s the earliest location sequence ns remember that integrates the viewer into the show right away, and also it was creepy together hell (especially before they shortened it)." 30 days of TVDay 01 - A show that should never have actually been canceledDay 02 - A present that friend wish an ext people were watchingDay 03 - your favorite new show (aired this TV season)Day 04 - your favorite show everDay 05 - A present you hateDay 06 - Favorite illustration of her favorite TV showDay 07 - the very least favorite episode of your favorite TV showDay 08 - A present everyone have to watchDay 09 - best scene everDay 10 - A show you assumed you wouldn"t like however ended up lovingDay 11 - A present that disappointed youDay 12 - An episode you"ve watched much more than 5 timesDay 13 - favourite childhood showDay 14 - Favorite male characterDay 15 - favorite female characterDay 16 - your guilty satisfied showDay 17 - favourite mini seriesDay 18 - favourite title sequenceDay 19 - finest TV show castDay 20 - favorite kissDay 21 - favourite "shipDay 22 - Favorite series finaleDay 23 - most annoying characterDay 24 - best quoteDay 25 - A present you arrangement on watching (old or new)Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finaleDay 27 - finest pilot episodeDay 28 - very first TV present obsessionDay 29 - current TV show obsessionDay 30 - Saddest personality deathThis entry was originally posted at

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