The line, "Wright here you goin" city boy?," which mirrors up at the 3:35 note, comes from the 1972 movie Deliverance, which is filled through terrifying hillbillies. In the scene, two guys from Atlanta are out in the sticks looking for a river so they deserve to canoe. They acquire lost and enrespond to a local that delivers that line.
This was the initially single from the third Primus album, Pork Soda. The band also didn"t fit any kind of specific genre, yet that was an asset in 1993, as soon as hip-hop, grunge and metal were colliding. The album offered over a million copies and also climbed to #7 in the US; Primus gained the gig headlining Lollapalooza, a celebration of the stselection. "My Name Is Mud" ended up being among their most well-known songs, and also a sturdy staple of their setlists.

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The video, directed by Mark Kohr, finds Les Claypool playing "Mud" fairly convincingly, looking suitably unhinged as he stands over a grave.
This isn"t the first Primus song around meth-heads; their 1991 track "Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers" is around building and construction employees that show up for work after doing some crank.

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Woodstock 1994 was a muddy festival, so you deserve to more than likely guess what happened when Primus perdeveloped this song. Predictably, a cascade of mud came from the crowd as quickly as Les Claypool sang the opening line. He quit the song to admonish the crowd."Boy, I opened a big-ass deserve to of worms via that one," he shelp. "The song is referred to as "My Name Is Mud," yet save the mud to yourselves you son of a bitch. You know, once you throw points up on phase, it"s a sign of tiny and also insignificant genitalia."The band also resumed and obtained through the song without occurrence.

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Dee Gee from CtI always thought the song was about a hit man. Who knew? Jeffytheboy from Sudbury Canada He for sure killed his friend plainly it’s an homage to deliverance and also the Texas chainobserved. Yeas psychological health and wellness has actually an undertone and yes southerly living is influential Ciderfylla from SchwedenAnd the buckethead relation? Shannon from TennesseeIn the video it mirrors his friend being treated much better than him. His mother or whoever the woman is is presented treating the huge fella to a bubble bath with one-of-a-kind drinks and also such. in the end I think it might have been jealousy bereason he has what appears to be delusions or thoughts of obtaining a mud bath while being treated to pork flavored soda, sno-balls and also a Twinkie. possibly he wishes for the affection of his mother bereason he is a weird inbred hick. Also she is pictured having actually a partnership via an additional person. he eliminated the fat male over the complete name he was supposedly provided bereason he’s been dubbed mud his whole life. he dirtied up his shoes burying the dead guy. TLDR: dad or friend was treated better than him, mommy was cheating, mud wanted her affection, he eliminated his dad or frifinish over the comment around his name. Tim from BaltimoreMany world think Mud killed his frifinish over shoes, yet the song appears to show Mud eliminated his friend bereason he made fun of his name.Andy from TorontoI"ll be meeting Les this week. I"ll let you recognize what he says about the song. It"s been a long time because I"ve had actually an chance prefer this. Jacob from Williamsport, PaI think that this song is around a guy who kills his friend because he stepped his shoes.Austin from Smallsville,brand-new England, --Ley Claypool plays the bass line on a 6 string frettless bass.Matt from Winder, Georgiai can play my name is mud on as 5 string bassMatt from Winder, Georgiaif you ask me i think that les claypool in my name is mud is referring to a psychological perchild who gets mad means also basic i think that les is coming up via mud as if he were describing karl childers on sling blade.Jameson from Vestausing Hills, AlJust believed I"d mention considering that someone shelp that the song was about someone killing among his co-employees. "Falling Down" is around a male who loses it and basically goes on killing spree to gain ago to his ex-wife and daughter.Jameboy from Vestavia Hills, AlI dunno this could be a coincidence, however at the end of the movie "Falling Down". Detective Martin Prendergast(Rober Duvall) asks what William "D-Fens" Foster"s (Michael Douglass) daughter"s name is. She tells him "Adele". When she asks him what his name is, he replies "Mine? My name is mud". Just assumed about it, bereason "Pork Soda" and "Falling Down" were both released in 1993.-Jamechild, Vestathrough Hills, ALSebastien from Sherbrooke, Canada...sounds choose a reference to a dirty cop. "Cause I"m the most boring sons-a-bitch you"ve ever before viewed. I dress in blue-yes navy blue. From head to toe I"m rather drab other than my patent shoes." Only armed forces and regulation enforcement wear "patent shoes."Maybe the comment made about "pork soda" could be a good point! ha-ha.Rusty from Argyle, Nythink whatever before you want....Jesse from San Jose, Cayea right! no you cant. Many of his songs are impossible to play.Rusty from Argyle, Nyi have been playing bass 4 like 2 yrs and also i have the right to play most of primus"s songs. the genuine work-related comes once you are composing the song.Ass from Peoria, Ilits about a fight in between two friends and one kills the various other one ,alouishouis deverdamber abercrombie is an actual perkid who killed his parental fees a few years earlier, "my name is mud" is a number of speech supplied as soon as someone does something wrong and then realizes the consequences they will certainly face.Eric from Milltvery own, Inthe interpretation of the song is pretty simple i think. there"s a man named mud that is boring and wears navy blue and also shiny patent shoes. someday a fat frifinish of his through poor breathe measures on them and gets them dirty. they have actually an debate and also mud kills him with a bat and also is trying to bury him. as for Les Claypool, he is second on my list of heros, just behind Cliff Burton.Tyler from Victoria, CanadaI"m pretty certain Mud killing the male and the fat world are unassociated. The song itself seems to be about a man, reportedly named Mud, who"s friend pissed him off one day and Mud chose to kill him. The fat human being and also wine point in the video is about "Pork Soda". The skinny looking man (Bob Cock) comes in and ultimately is given wine. The camera zooms in on the wine and also you watch the Pork Soda animation. What I think this means is people drink alcohol and come to be fat, and also therefore alcohol is referred to as pork soda.Mark from Ann Arbor, Moclaypool demands to use that sweet ass bass driver you hear in the intro more. Funky song male, I love itKeenan from Snoho, Wamitch, is it really true you have the right to play all of primus" songs. just how long have actually you men been playing for. because that would take substantial quantities of skill. however if you have the right to, i offer props to your bassistCongo from Pittsburgh, PaPrimus Rocks, Les Claypool is among the the majority of underrated bassists ever. He has actually produced a whole brand-new sound by playing a "lead" bass. A true musical genius.Asd from Asd, MoMy Name is Mud is around a kid in the chicback location that went crazy and also eliminated his household.Matt from Marietta, NyThe song is played on among Les"s custom Carl Thompboy basses. In order to play this appropriately, a long-scale fretmuch less bass is compelled bereason the entire major riff is performed through a nondemanuscript hammer-on strategy.The "skinny dude in the blue shirt" is Les Claypool himself. The male in the hot tub is Bob Dick. Fat human being are sindicate a reflection of the them of the album, Pork Soda.Dave from Philadelphia, PaLes Claypool have the right to play bass choose no other. He"s the best I"ve ever before heard.Aaron from Internationwide Falls, MnIt"s about getting fat and dying of weight problems. As you can see in the video she keeps feeding them food and also all they carry out is lay about. Now at the finish of the video tbelow is a pig in a glass of pop/soda otherwise well-known as "Pork Soda" or in my view grease.Chris from Peabody, Maprimus offers their videos to tell the interpretation of their songs. obviously. so pay close attention to symbolism. noticed exactly how the skinny dude in the blue suit is skinny and also everyone else is fat. ill let you attract your own conclusions, songs are awesome bereason theyre constantly open up for interpretation.Brian from Mayarea Heights, OhA. Maz. Ing. les claypool= peermuch less mastery of an instrument which is extremely hard to make stand also out in a guitar-sustained rock enviorment. GodlyPaul from Norindividual, VaIn the Micheal Douglas movie Falling Down, Sergeant Pendergast responds to the little bit girls question of what his name is by saying "Me? My name is Mud" Does it have any correlation?Mitch from Battle Creek, Miles claypool is my idol. i am in a band also and also we know just how to play all of primus"s songsTerry from Novi, MiThe primary character in the song seems to be a boring male, he obtained offended by someone talking about his name, eliminated him, is burying the body.Sarah from Missoula, Mtles claypool is god!Eddie from Lachine, MiLes Claypool plays a fretmuch less 6-string bass guitar on this song, and also many kind of afterward.Daniel from Highland Heights, KyThis song is the video - it renders the song come out more (if that provides sense??)Nick from Paramus, NjA radio DJ when commented that this song sounded favor someone having a poor night after Taco even more comments