My guy Kevin ~ above the ledge and shit

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I"m a month late to this minor picture that"s probably currently dead, yet I saw the problem of tracking under its path, therefore I"m posting this anyway.

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In recursive collection of screencapped write-ups à la Revolver Ocelot, this Snapchat photograph of a boy hanging indigenous a ledge at school has made the ring on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and also elsewhere.

I don"t understand its origins, yet it appears to have actually existed as early as May because there space tweets v the specific phrase indigenous then. The more quickly I"ve seen the image posted (as watched above) is this short article by Instagram user
gucci.dogger ~ above October 17 (12k likes), captioned through the exact same phrase.

From there, the recursion began. The same day, Instagram user
radicles_the_meme post a screencap (1k likes) of the short article including gucci.dogger"s caption. This short article itself reposted the phrase (as all execute from this one on).


ahleeyouu post the original image (6k likes, 1k retweets), speak "u deadass would just see shit prefer this in highschool i miss out on it".

On October 23, Twitter user



pleasefreebobby posted a screencap (25 likes, 8 retweets), maybe of HE_VALENCIA"s tweet, yet it cut off radicles_the_meme"s inscription on the bottom.


At the very least 2 much more iterations happen from pleasefreebobby"s, but I couldn"t locate them. Top top November 2, the wound up on this write-up (11k likes, 2k retweets) by Twitter user
Spamchovies. The same day, this iteration to be posted to /r/comedyheaven by Reddit user Cam_1337 (6k upvotes).

Many further iterations exist from right here (starting at plenty of different points), but this is the extent of the "main lineage" as it were.

My man Kevin ~ above the ledge and also shit.

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This appears to it is in a bigger meme than this one image, a rebirth of Revolver Ocelot style posts, specifically on Twitter. Most notably, there"s lock did surgery on a grape (which made it here in a deadpooled entry). This semi-viral tweet highlights 3 instances (the grape, Revolver Ocelot, and also a "Budapest" one), speak "this is the pure fucking pinnacle the humour. Nothing will ever be funnier than this". You have the right to find much more examples in the thread.