The male in the Sea Museum is specialized to keeping the history of diving. We have actually a large collection the rare and one-of-a-kind exhibits and also antique diving equipment. The man in the Sea Museum is likewise home to SEALAB-I, which was the United states Navy"s very first underwater habitat.Come the end today and learn around past and also present dive equipment, including commercial and also naval equipment, vehicles and also habitats. You can additionally climb through a submarine and also discover prizes recovered indigenous sunken ships dating back to the 1500"s. Visit the museum today and discover the wonders of the undersea world and also mankind"s efforts to check out the s depths. We room using the previous to build the future. Make plans come visit this distinct one-of-a-kind museum situated in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida. HR-9053: Recognizing the mainly of July 21–27, 2014 as “Ocean Week” in the State the Florida“Since the work of Spanish expedition Florida has been a constant leader in what renders American an excellent and again throughout the America’s Scientific period of exploration, Florida led the method in both the s (SeaLab) and also in space (Mercury program) exploration.” goals of “Ocean Week”Ocean main is in acknowledgment of the 50th anniversary the SeaLab, the united state Navy’s historical 11 job undersea experiment come an s depth that 193’ that proved man have the right to live, work and explore underwater for expanded periods. SeaLab started as one unassuming scientific project at the Mine Defense activities in Panama City Beach, Florida. In 1963, visionary Dr. George Bond together with his team members: Dr. Walt Mazone, Bob Barth, Lester Anderson, Sanders Manning, Dr. Robert Thompson in addition to Mercury 7 Astronaut Scott Carpenter collection out to readjust the world of ocean exploration.July 2014 clues the 50th anniversary that this historical event. The Navy’s SeaLab program was headquartered, built and also tested at U.S. Navy station - Panama City Beach, Florida. Little did Dr. Bond and also his crew the misfits know that their underfunded regime would change how we would live and also work in the world’s oceans. It is for that reason the guy in the Sea Museum and also Florida State college – Panama City operated with Representative Jimmy Patronis to develop “Ocean Week” to ensure that this important part of Florida’s history does not acquire lost in the abyssal that time. The U.S. Navy’s SeaLab regime was the first of many ocean based programs in Florida that deserves recognition. “Ocean Week” is a time for all Floridians to recognize the importance of ours waters in work and also play. That is a time for educators to wake up the following generation to gain a far better understanding that the substantial undersea world and to inspire them come explorer and discover what lies in ~ the last frontier top top earth. SeaLab therefore “Ocean Week” has special significance to only County. The prototype sea basic or “habitat” to be pieced together in 1964 follow me Alligator Bayou, Panama City Beach, in ~ what to be then the marine Mine Defense Laboratory and also is now a division of the naval Sea equipment Command. Throughout that summer, 50 year ago, Sealab was tested three miles offshore at phase II climate shipped come a website south that Bermuda because that its historical demonstration that readjusted how we watch our ocean world. SeaLab to be soon adhered to by Sealab II, Sealab III, and a variety of similar Sealab-inspired projects, in the U.S. And around the world. Today only one sea basic habitat is quiet in use; the Aquarius Reef Base, i beg your pardon is a fixture in ~ the Florida tricks National marine Sanctuary and also for two years it has actually continuously performed research to far better learn just how to defend our ocean resources. October 2013, The guy in the Sea Museum delivered over 2200 cost-free passes to fourth grade classes in public and also private schools, as well as home schooled students, to promote Bay County’s neighborhood history. Representatives because that The male in the Sea Museum feel that it is vital to instill a feeling of proud and accomplishment in our youth. “We (The male in the Sea Museum) acknowledge that Florida has remained in the for front of s Research, breakthrough of undersea modern technology and advances in diving approaches for end 60 years, but couple of of our inhabitants know the influence that we have actually made in world”.

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purposes of “Ocean Week”-By establishing “Ocean Week” we hope come rekindle the spirit of expedition in ours children. Because that them come imagine around the wonderment of what is tho unknown and also to identify that we space all stewards of our ocean world-Acknowledge the the s is important our last frontier ~ above earth and also the importance of fostering responsible exploration in s research-Encourage study of exactly how to finest tap right into the ocean’s wealth and what it has to offer to united state in means of traditional and also green energies-To encourage the educational aspect of Florida’s contributions in s research; respect because that our background and sacrifices make in our expedition of our oceans -To acknowledge the function the ocean plays in the cycle of life-To learn how to protect our s environment and also to develop sensitivities in our day-to-day routine and also habits that would lessen the impact we make on the ocean-To better understand the part the s plays in our economy and to occupational in partnership to maintain our oceans -Discover how enjoyable sustainable seaside areas deserve to be and showcase our beautiful shore while fostering tourism-Acknowledge needs and also challenges facing our oceans