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The Aquatic Center is composed of an indoor natatorium which contains a 25yd. 6 lane competitive pool, an instructional pool, a hydrotreatment pool, and also locker rooms via showers. Our outdoor swimming pool is an Olympic dimension 50 meter pool via depths ranging from 6ft to 17ft. Whether you’re in search of a location to swim laps, take a water exercise class, swim leskid or reap our open recreation swim there’s something for everyone.


About Our Facility- Hours of Operation & Daily Fees

Thinking of taking a dip? We sell adult lap swim and also open recreation swim times for you to come exercise or relax through household and also friends. Check out our daily schedule, daily fees, and whatever you must know for your visit.

How to Find and also Contact Us

The aquatic center is situated on the Mt. Hood Community College campus in between Division and Stark Streets. You can reach us by calling 503-491-7243or email

Calendar of Events

Come inspect out the many kind of events and swim meets we hold below at our swim facility. A in-depth list of all our one-of-a-kind events and also closures.

Children"s Programs

The aquatic programs at the aquatic center supplies a wide variety for ages 8 months through Teens. We have the many comprehensive swim lesson regimen in East County, providing water adjustment, pre-competitive stroke training, security and also tween training classes.

Adult Programs

The aquatic center offers a large array of adult classes, consisting of beginning swimming lessons, pre-competitive training, and Water Exercise classes for all capacity levels. We additionally market swimming lessons for teenagers and also avenues for safety training.

Become a Member!

The Aquatic Center uses a variety of memberships to meet your requirements. Check out our various alternatives for Lap Swim & Open Redevelopment, Water exercise, and Punch Passes.

Register for Activities

We currently have actually online registration for all swimming lessons and also programs! It"s easy to set-up your own account and also have the convenience of registering anywhere. Please click the following connect to register:

Rentals & Birthday Parties

The aquatic facility supplies a selection of birthday party packeras to ascertain your kid a fun filled day. Our framework are accessible for rentals for special events, trainings, meeting, and also corporate parties. Check out our increased offerings.

Lifeguard Training & Safety Classes

Are you interested in becoming a certified lifeguard or swim instructor? We offer certification classes throughout the year consisting of Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, Water Exercise, CPR and First Aid.

College Courses

The Health, Physical Education, Athletics, Aquatics and also Reproduction Department provides a broad variety of aquatic-related classes for credit. Classes encompass water exercise, swimming, water safety and security and also Lifeguarding. Go to Mytastecraftedmcd.comfor complete listings.

Private Lessons

Do you desire some one on one help? Or need some versatility when you have actually lessons? Private lessons simply might be what you are looking for! Whether it is for your boy or yourself, we deserve to find someone whom deserve to work-related on abilities in a personal setting.

Rock Wall

Did you recognize MT. Hood Community College has actually an indoor Rockwall? The Rockwall has 2,000 square feet of climbing and features 20 top rope stations, 2 roofs, a running crack, and a chimney. The climbing wall courses are designed for beginners, intermediate, and progressed climbers.


Mt. Hood Community College Foundation’s mission is to be "A unifying force giving sources vital to quality education and also neighborhood life." Please consider ending up being a donor today! More information

Incident Reporting & Tracking

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Mt. Hood Community College promotes non-discrimicountry by keeping a respectful functioning and learning setting complimentary of all forms of discrimicountry and also harassment. It is against district policy for any kind of manager, supervisor, faculty, staff or student to communicate in discrimination of any type of member of the College neighborhood based upon race, color, faith, ethnicity, national beginning, age, sex, gender, marital condition, discapability or sex-related orientation in its programs and also activities. The College shall comply through all local, state and also federal laws via regard to non-discrimination as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Period Discrimicountry Act of 1975, Title II of the Americans through Disabilities Act, and also Oregon Revised Statute 659A.

For inquires regarding Americans through Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 grievances and also problem resolution please visit For inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policy, contact: Traci Simmons, Associate Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Title IX Coordinator; Traci.Simmons