The Peloton bike is quite an expensive item of equipment, which is among the main reasons you should take care of the bike through utmost care. Once you purchase the bike native Peloton, the shipment team will certainly ensure that the bike is safely collection in her house. However take an circumstances where you have to transport the supplied bike yourself. Or instances where you need to move the bike indigenous your little studio come a bigger one, in ~ the home or also outside the house.

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This is whereby I come in, with a streamlined yet thorough DIY on just how to relocate the Peloton bike.

What states Peloton officially?



Do You require Extra hands to relocate the Peloton Bike?

Yes and also no. If girlfriend are relocating the bike below or upstairs, girlfriend will definitely need extra hands to ensure the you lift the hefty bike whereby necessary. However, if girlfriend are just moving the on level ground, the tiny wheels at the front, usually referred to as the deliver wheels, will certainly come in handy.

When incorporating an extra party right into the bike relocating process, ensure the you space in constant communication. Also, try to be patient v each other for the safety and security of the bike.

When you desire to relocate the bicycle on level ground climate the below video will assist you.

Which Things have to You Do prior to Moving the Bike?

Whether friend are moving the bike indigenous one room to another or from location to place, you have to remove the touchscreen. Gift the many delicate component of the bike, the Peloton touchscreen should always be turn off the bicycle whenever friend are relocating the bike. Fortunately, removing and also re-installing the screen is rather simple, and also you can actually carry out it on her own.

Secondly, eliminate every movable stuff on the bike. These include the cycle shoes, which most people prefer to leave by the seat clamp, the weights, and also the water bottle. This step avoids things native falling off the bike and probably leading to distraction, destruction, and also injury throughout the transit process.

Thirdly, if you are relocating the bicycle via a carry truck, that is, end a long distance, you have to remove the cycle pedals together well. Remember that the pedals might be solid but prone to wrong if the bike falls.

Finally, ensure that you tighten all the nuts on the bike when moving over a lengthy distance. Friend can likewise consider lowering the bicycle seat and handlebars to the shortest position, i beg your pardon is the strongest and also most enduring.

How to Remove undamaged Peloton Accessories once Moving

How to eliminate the Peloton bike Screen

First off, unplug the power cable indigenous the screen, which walk in with the rear facility of the screen. Wait! prior to unplugging the cable, you should switch turn off the strength at the key power supply. This process will strength off the screen for safety and security reasons.

Then, eliminate the plastic covers at the ago of the peloton screen, i beg your pardon you simply pull without using any tools. Then, v an Allen key (Note: Allen vital for bike plus and use a Philips head screwdriver for peloton vault bike ), cancel the display screen gently to loosen the bolt tightening the display to the bike.

Once the bolts are loose, girlfriend should hold onto the display screen to stop it indigenous falling as you unscrew the bolts completely off the bike.

Most importantly, ensure the you placed the screen on a for sure surface, best on a clean, soft towel, confront down. The position ensures the the screen does not hazard falling, when the soft towel stays clear of the screen from a cold surface. Remember the the display is too expensive come mishandle what you already have.

These 2 videos may aid you. One is for bike plus & an additional is because that previous.

How to eliminate the Dumbbells Holders and Water party Holder

Though it’s no necessary, when relocating the bike over lengthy distances, you may as well remove the weights and also water bottle holders.

The bolts hold the water party holder are plainly visible ~ above both sides of the frame. Use an Allen vital and probably a spanner to host the other side for a quicker job to ease the bolts. Host on come the water bottle holder carefully and downwards to remove it safely.

Next, usage the very same Allen an essential to loosen the dumbbell holder. A Phillips driver can also act as an alternative. Luckily because that you, the screws ~ above the dumbbell holders are easily visible, just similar to the water bottle.

Moving the Peloton Bike indigenous One Gym come Another

When moving the peloton bike indigenous room come room, residence to house, or also within the exact same neighborhood, the procedure is simpler. It even becomes far better when you need to move the bicycle on level ground. In this scenario, friend only have to remove the touchscreen, and you are an excellent to go.

Hold the bike by the bike chair clamp native the rear, and also lift the by that is front carry wheels. Then, move it come the ar where friend wish. Ensure the you move slowly, and avoid bumps, wall corners, and anything that may cause the bicycle a scratch or damage.

Once you collection the bike to its brand-new position, you have the right to re-install the touch display screen immediately. Usually, the touchscreen is much safer and an ext convenient as soon as re-installed instantly when the bicycle is ready for it.

Moving the Peloton bike by Truck

In this case, the distance is long enough to communicate a truck or a transit vehicle. This is wherein you likewise need one extra human being to help you v the moving process.

Once you eliminate the peloton touchscreen, the water bottle and its holder, the weights and their holders, and also the pedals, the bike is all set for transit.

You can move the bike by holding the by the rear side the the seat and also lifting that by the deliver wheels. Then, straight it by yourself till you obtain to the area wherein you need assistance, speak by the door.

Your companion will host the bike by the handlebars if you host the rear, and also you deserve to lift the bike together once necessary. Be mindful when hoisting the onto the truck, and also seek extra aid where necessary.

Once ~ above the truck, use strong straps to tie the bike to the truck on its four sides. The aim of utilizing the straps is to avoid the bike native falling over throughout transit.

Once you gain to her designated place, you have the right to unstrap the bike and also repeat relocating the bike native the truck to the house. Ensure that you put earlier all the accessories that you eliminated to aid in transition when the bike settles on its mat.

Final Thoughts

How to relocate a Peloton bike? v the over process, you will certainly realize that moving the Peloton bike has never to be easier. Every you necessary was part guidance, i beg your pardon couples with your trust in your strength.

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You don’t have to stick to wherein the delivery guys mounted your bike, especially when it is no longer convenient for you. And yes, you deserve to move the bike safely without causing any kind of damage.