Mount & Blade: through Fire & Sword

TaleWorlds entertainment | Paradox interactive | released 2011

Mount&Blade: through Fire & Sword is a brand brand-new stand-alone development pack experience set in the war-torn lands of 17th Century east Europe.

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Join the fight because that freedom, domination, or riches as 5 battling nations vye for control over their destinies. Come experience an excellent new enhancements and mount & Blade"s compensation winning gameplay in an all new setting!

M&B battle for Wesnoth Dev Blog #2 troop Tree : RebelsJun 15 2020Mount & blade : fight for Wesnoth


The Rebels room a faction of Elves and also their assorted forest-dwelling allies. They obtain their human name, Rebels, from the moment of Heir come the Throne, when they began the rebellion against the angry Queen Asheviere. Elves are a magical race that space masters of the bow and are capable of living numerous years longer than humans. In harmony v nature, the elves uncover allies through the person mages, particular merfolk, and also tree creatures dubbed "Woses." Rebels are ideal played taking benefit of your high forest defense, mastery of ranged attacks, and the elves" neutral alignment.

ElvesA team of Rebels fighting someUndead in ~ Cynsaun Battlefield.Compared come humans, elves are rather taller, much more agile yet less sturdy. They have slightly pointy ears, pale skin and usually blond hair. Couple of differences in between humans and elves are much more pronounced 보다 the latter’s unusually lengthy life - most, unless claimed by illness, accident or war, live a full two centuries. While some elves possessing a high magical aptitude have actually been recognized to live secondary full century, most elves begin to grow physically frail approaching their twentieth decade and pass away within a couple of decades after. Elves are naturally imbued with magic come a small degree. Though many are unable to channel it directly, its implicitly presence gives them your keen senses and long life. Many elves have actually magic-driven talents such together marksmanship or stealth, enabling them to achieve tasks that many normal us would find astonishing. Those elves that learn to wield this strength in more general ways can become truly formidable in the use. Many choose to usage their gift to heal others.


The race of men is an extremely diverse one. Although they initially came indigenous the Old Continent, men have actually spread all over the world and also split into many different cultures and also races. Return they are not imbued v magic like other creatures, humans deserve to learn to wield it and able come learn an ext types than most others. They have actually no extra unique abilities or aptitudes other than their versatility and drive. Although often at odds through all races, they can occasionally kind alliances through the much less aggressive races such together elves and dwarves. The much less scrupulous amongst them do not shrink ago from rental orcish mercenaries, either. They have no natural enemies, although the majority of men, prefer most world of every races, have an instinctive dislike that the undead. Guys are shorter than the elves, yet taller still 보다 dwarves. Your skin color can vary, from practically white come dark brown.

MermenThe Merfolk live in the shallow parts of the ocean, wary the the monsters the lurk in the deep. Ordinarily they kind alliances through no one, yet in Asheviere"s time castle allied with the elves in order come defeat their captors. Mermen are powerful and quick in any kind of watery environment, however struggle considerably to move on land.

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WosesLittle is known around the Woses, apart from their tree-like appearance. However these beings have actually not lower from trees, in spite of the similarity in form. They seem to it is in wardens the the herbal world.