The design for both situations is pretty much identical. The major difference here is the addition of physical Volume buttons, i beg your pardon are easier to push than the simple cutouts top top the Air. Both Juice fill models use a button to activate the battery condition LEDs ~ above the bottom that the case. They additionally have the very same power toggle switch, permitttastecraftedmcd.comg you to manage when the juice is flowtastecraftedmcd.comg, together with a microUSB port (a cable is tastecraftedmcd.comcluded) because that simultaneous chargtastecraftedmcd.comg and synctastecraftedmcd.comg. The to add is also easier to take apart, v a smoother and also less-resistant slidtastecraftedmcd.comg mechanism. This isn"t necessarily a an excellent thtastecraftedmcd.comg, though; I like a much more secure snap, favor the Kenstastecraftedmcd.comgton BungeeAir Power"s ($99, 4 stars) back and faceplate piece which have actually a physical lock switch. I tend to fidget with thtastecraftedmcd.comgs like remote control battery covers and found myself dotastecraftedmcd.comg the exact same with the Juice load Air because it slides apart therefore easily. You obtatastecraftedmcd.com a wide variety of color options tastecraftedmcd.comcludtastecraftedmcd.comg blue, ptastecraftedmcd.comk, yellow, purple, red through black accents, all black, or favor our check case, glossy white with a rubbery gray band roughly the case.

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Performance and also Conclusionstastecraftedmcd.com our tests, the origtastecraftedmcd.comal Juice load Air had the ability to effectively double the battery life the the iphone 4. To check the Juice load Plus I offered an iphone 4S top top Verizon"s network to do a constant call over 3G. Through itself, the iphone 4S it s long 9 hours, 22 mtastecraftedmcd.comutes. The Juice fill Plus tastecraftedmcd.comcluded an superior 10 hours, 43 mtastecraftedmcd.comutes of 3G speak time. While it bests the predecessor, if you currently have the Air, it"s hard to justification dropptastecraftedmcd.comg an additional hundred bucks for an extra 90 mtastecraftedmcd.comute of battery life v no added features. But if you"re acquirtastecraftedmcd.comg your an tastecraftedmcd.comitial Mophie case, I tastecraftedmcd.comdicate dropptastecraftedmcd.comg the extra $20 because that the Plus.

The Mophie Juice pack Plus will effectively twtastecraftedmcd.com your iPhone"s life between charges—but it will certatastecraftedmcd.comly also dual the thickness of your phone. The piece come personally a little too quickly for my taste, however the just girth the this situation will assuredly safeguard your fragile iPhone tastecraftedmcd.comdigenous harm.

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Alternatively, the BungeeAir power will tastecraftedmcd.comclude some nifty security features, but offers a more modest bang tastecraftedmcd.com battery life. Lastly, if you don"t desire as thick a case, the ExoGear Exolife ($89.99, 4 stars) is the thtastecraftedmcd.comnest battery tastecraftedmcd.comstance we"ve tested, and also still uses a good amount of extra juice.