The start of the polite War. Fort Sumter in southern Carolina was assaulted on April 12-14 1861. Union pressures were required to surrender and also seceding claims seized federal residential or commercial property within their boundaries.

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Proposed by john Crittenden the Senator indigenous Kentucky. Proposed constitutional amendments guaranteeing Slavery"s institution, it would return fugitive slaves, the south would have actually agreed however Lincoln seeing the this would certainly not settle the trouble refused come compromise and declared the all states attempting to secede room in rebellion.
The homestead Act promoted Western settlement by Northerners in an effort to fortify the complimentary soil. The land available wasn"t the best in quality, but it was adequate to elicit some members come move.
Greenbacks were currencies printed by the Union and the Confederacy throughout the civil battle in stimulate to fund their wars. This currencies weren"t backed by gold or any kind of tough currency. The southern printed an ext and was subject to inflation.
The vice president of Lincoln, that took end after Lincoln"s assassination. He to be despised by the Republican party and also he was characterized by gift lenient to the south in reconstruction.
The Emancipation Proclamation was asserted by Lincoln and also the Union once victory to be certain. This proclamation freed the slaves in the rebellious states except for the people under Union control. This lugged the Union more momentum and also gave the soldiers a score in the end of the war.
The 54th Massachusetts Infantry was possibly the most crucial of all of the black color regiments. On July 18, 1863, the regiment to be the spearhead the a fight on fort Wagner, and sustained enormous casualties.
Sherman"s march come the sea developed in the finishing stages that the war. Sherman marched his troops indigenous Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. They destroyed everything on their march, cut a sixty mile large corridor come the sea. This destroyed many of the wills come fight.
Dorothea Dix was very influential in the polite War. She to be the head the U.S. Toilet Commission and also organized females to job-related in the hospitals for the hurt soldiers. She was likewise influential in the establishment of mental hospitals.
Clara Barton was prominent on the field of war also. She cared because that soldiers and provided supplies to hospitals. She established the Red Cross.
Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States. He to be not very popular and really weak in contrast to Lincoln.
Ulysses S. Grant was the very first general to really work-related with the strategy that fighting the Confederate army, no occupying their land propose by Lincoln. As soon as he was put into command points started turning around because that the Union.
The Monitor and also Merrimac were the an initial ironclads to meet in battle. Lock were very hard come sink but this ended with a Union win with the screen ramming and sinking the Merrimac.
Jayhawkers were anti slavery citizens who dealt with a guerrilla kind of battle versus pro enslavement members in the Bleeding Kansas crisis.

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Gettysburg was the bloodiest fight of the civil war. That lasted three days and was the last battle in the north territories. Union and Confederate casualties to be both over 23,000. This battle led come the famous Gettysburg Address.
What city was a primary instance of both the positive and negative impacts the the Industrial change (in textbook and ppt)?

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