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About Spivey''s Mobile residence Park

At Spivey''s Mobile residence Park in Charleston, endure fine living. This neighborhood is situated at 7335 Stall Rd. In Charleston. Make certain you to watch the current floorplan options. The experienced leasing employee is waiting to present you all that this ar has in store. Call us or fall by the leasing office to inspect the availability and schedule a tourism today and also find your new home in ~ Spivey''s Mobile house Park.

Spivey''s Mobile residence Park is an apartment located in Charleston County, the 29406 ZIP Code, and the Charleston 01 attendance zone.

This residential property
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outer North Charleston sit at the facility of the city of phibìc Charleston and also lies simply under 13 miles to the northwest of surrounding downtown Charleston. An easy 20-minute drive via federal government 26 takes inhabitants into downtown Charleston and its multitude of restaurants and bars. The Charleston Air pressure Base stays at the facility of the external North Charleston neighborhood, and also due come this proximity, numerous current and former army personnel make the community their home. Home formats typically variety from either mid-1900s ranch layouts to in between one- and two-story homes developed in the 2000s.

Outer north Charleston inhabitants enjoy easy access to global travel via the Charleston worldwide Airport, which is located within the neighborhood. The phibìc Charleston Coliseum, Charleston’s only coliseum and largest performance venue, provides residents with tons of entertainment.

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Beds typical Size Lowest common Premium
Studio Studio Studio 576-577 Sq Ft $1,073 $1,343 $1,605
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 729-730 Sq Ft $700 $1,399 $3,143
2 bed 2 beds 2 beds 1064-1065 Sq Ft $805 $1,545 $3,258
3 bed 3 bed 3 beds 1407-1408 Sq Ft $900 $1,877 $4,168
4 bed 4 bed 4 bed 2425 Sq Ft $2,060 $2,562 $3,300

Spivey''s Mobile residence Park is in ~ 5 minutes or 2.0 miles from Trident technological College. That is additionally near Charleston southerly University and Southern Wesleyan University.