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Editor"s Note: This entry includes plot spoiler to Captain America: polite War.

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"Mission Report: December 16th, 1991" is a quote repeatedly uttered by the supervillain personality Helmut Zemo in the 2016 American superhero film Captain America: polite War.


In Captain America: civil War, the third installment the the Captain America franchise within Marvel Cinematic Universe, Helmut Zemo (portrayed through Daniel Brühl) relentlessly confronts and also presses on ex-soldiers that Hydra in search of info surrounding a mission undertaken by James "Bucky" Barnes, a brainwashed super-soldier, i m sorry spurs lot of the movie"s plot. As result of the persistent and also detached way in i m sorry Zemo repeats the expression "Mission Report: December 16th, 1991" without alteration, it quickly emerged as a memorable quote from the film.


On might 16th, 2016, a Facebook page titled Mission Report, December 16, 1991<1> was released to translate in various photo macros and photoshopped parodies to express the quote. On may 19th, Twitter user Alina post a photograph and a quote native a step from Ant-Man, gaining more than 2,400 retweets and also 2,400 likes in 24 hrs (shown below).

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The meme is composed of phrases and also edited webcomics or picture sets showing an simple social case that end unexpectedly through a inquiry for Mission Report: December 16th, 1991. As of may 20th, the meme greatly seems come satirize Zemo"s dogged determination, as his character/catchphrase being used in any/every situation implies that his character basically has no thoughts, feelings or desires apart indigenous the perpetual inquiry around the mission report. In addition, an exploitable cutout of Zemo has been supplied as a bait-and-switch an equipment or interruptor in number of photoshopped instances, comparable to the applications in Rickrolling and Unexpected.