The thing of this brand-new Minecraft Mini video game Map where you are given two unpleasant options in which friend must select from. Hilarious questions.

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tastecraftedmcd.comer— September 28, 2015

Ridiculously fun game we used to play on auto trips is now available in Minecraft. The would certainly you rather game is whereby you questioning two concerns which no one really desires to answer, commonly something negative, but you have to pick one! If you pick the exact same answer as the other player girlfriend score a point.

This mini game was developed by 9digger and it’s their very first game! You have the right to play with 2 come 4 players, however make sure you opt in for EVERY game or you will not be included.

KimmieTins an DocPool73 show the game for us, but…would you quite let them have all the fun? or would you rather play that yourself? LOL

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