I"m playing on a vanilla Minecraft survive server, and have been trying to acquire Mending books by fishing. It transforms out that I"ve only acquired one book in about a mainly of play, and also it to be Fortune II. This is weird, because my stick is entice III, luck of the Sea III, unbreaking III, Mending, basically the finest you have the right to get, and I"ve to be fishing for a an extremely very long time.

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I"ve thought around Lure having something to execute with it, after ~ all, it diminished the chances of detect treasure come find more fish in earlier versions, but my inquiry is, does that still happen now, or to be I simply unlucky?

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According to Minecrafts Gamepedia Enchanting page, entice only boosts how frequently the fishing rod will catch something:

Increases price of fish biting your hook

Decreases wait time until a catch by 5 secs per level. at Level VIII, the fish-catching particle effects start practically instantly. At Level IX, you room not able to capture anything.

Meanwhile lucky of the Sea boosts chances of treasure:

Increases lucky while fishing

With the default prey tables, this lowers possibility of "junk" catches and increases chance of "treasure" by about 2 percent points, and decreases the possibility of fish by around 0.15 percent points.

So come answer the question, I really view no reason regarding why attract would counter the results of happy of the Sea. i think girlfriend are just really unlucky.

Note: according to a table ~ above an nearly duplicate short article on Reddit, your chances of capturing treasure space still at a low 11.34% (though much much better than the typical 5%).

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Your generic.luck, i m sorry is what identify how good the loot you obtain from fishing is, is only changed by the Luck the the Sea enchantment; nothing else in vanilla survival has any type of effect on it (and fishing is the only thing the affects). Lure walk not influence the high quality of loot you get, simply how often you get a bite.

Similarly, Luck that the Sea walk not effect how regularly you gain a bite. Over there are however other components that determine exactly how long you have to wait:

If her fishing bobber is no exposed directly to sun/moonlight, the time taken to capture a fish will doubleIf friend fish in the rain, the time taken to catch a fish will be 20% less

Keep in mind the fishing up a mending book is very rare.

With happy of the Sea III, the chances of getting junk/treasure/fish are roughly:

Junk: 4.1%Treasure: 11.3%Fish: 82.5%

If Treasure is chosen, your opportunity of gaining an enchanted book is climate 16.7%.

This all method overall the your chance of gaining a mending book is 0.113×0.167×0.037=0.000698, or 0.07%.

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This means that you will need to catch, top top average, around 1,400 things prior to catching a repair book.