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Steps to recreate the problem

Well, as you can check out I"ve developed a townhall and also numerous dwellings. I will certainly say; while messing approximately with the replace feature, I accidentally broke my townhall and had actually to area a brand-new one, I have actually no concept if this is somehow messing with the mod, yet I didn"t even think around it until some time later on.

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JJPederson" src="https://tastecraftedmcd.com/minecolonies-how-to-get-more-citizens/imager_4_18862_700.jpg" />


GanthorPrime" src="https://avatars.tastecraftedmcd.comusercontent.com/u/26177190?s=60&u=5e06f15bc75bbeeb00b4a43dcac6dee8d9433cca&v=4" /> GanthorPrime commented Apr 7, 2019

acquired a similiar issue prefer this and also noted that in the debug display (F3) the colony was not present in the nearemainder colony text in the left column (it mirrors something prefer "ColonyName: xxx blocks from center").

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so, after inspect making use of "/mc swarm list" i claimed utilizing "mc nest claim". That solves the trouble afetr a restart

someaddons" src="https://avatars.tastecraftedmcd.comusercontent.com/u/38401808?s=60&u=d0060ccdb2073cf9f429f24a01fec82db14b7977&v=4" />someaddons closed this in #4229 Jan 17, 2020

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