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Total votes: 286,007

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Mary Jennings Hegar beat Christine Eady Mann in the Democratic primary runoff for U.S. House Texas District 31 on May 22, 2018.

John Carter Incumbent71.3%62,817 Mike Sweeney 28.7%25,306Total Votes88,123Source: Texas Secretary of StateCampaign themes

The following worries were noted on Sweeney"s campaign webwebsite. For a full list of campaign themes, click here.

Right to Life: I have constantly supported the right to life once it pertains to abortion. I will certainly never before support a bill that Federally funds the taking of innocent life via abortion.Regulation: As someone that loves the outdoors and also nature, I’m a solid conservationist when it involves protecting the atmosphere. However, over-regulation is killing the project development potential of small businesses, and also access to clean, cheap energy.Federal Spending: Everyone knows that our federal government spfinishing is out of control. As long as we have actually Representatives favor John Carter in DC, we will certainly never before gain spfinishing under the regulate of a well balanced budobtain. Border Security: Demand enforcement of all laws consisting of immigration legislations to encertain our national protection – Walls work! I observed this first hand also once I worked in Israel. Increase the variety of our Border Agents, and empower them to perform the task they’re being paid to carry out.Second Amendment: The 2nd Amendment is not sindicate around the right to hunt or protect your life and building (although these are legitimate reasons to assistance the Right to Bear Arms - I’m an avid hunting and fishing enthusiast), it was composed into the Constitution to ascertain that “we the people” had actually a method to safeguard our rights and also liberty from threats of despotism both at home and from awide.


—Mike Sweeney"s project webwebsite,

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