PublishersAtlus, BAM! Entertainment, Disney Interactive
Release date2002
Video Game rating

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Game Description

My Disney Kitchen is a PlayStation and also COMPUTER video game distributed by Disney Interenergetic. The PlayStation release was publimelted by Atlus in Japan, while BAM! Entertainment published the North American release. The game is designed for young children to encourage creative thinking and also enhance monitoring skills. The game consists of a number of cooking appliances and also food items, as well as a breakquick station and also a cake-making station. The player have the right to decorate the kitchen and also adjust the wallpaper and decorations favor the tablefabric.

Downpack My Disney Kitchen

We might have actually the game obtainable for even more than one platcreate. My Disney Kitchen is currently obtainable on these platforms:

Windows (2002)

My_Disney_Kitchen_Win_ROM_EN.7z (407MB)

How to play on Windows

Downpack and Extract My_Disney_Kitchen_Win_ROM_EN.7zMount “My Disney Kitchen.img” and run SETUP.exe as an administratorFollow on-screen instructions to end up installing the game (when they tell you that your mechanism is incompatible, simply pick to continue via the setup)Go to the folder wbelow you installed the game and launch “MDKitchen.exe”Play the game

PlayStation (2002)

My_Disney_Kitchen_PS_ROM_EN.7z (142MB)

Additional records, patches and also fixes

My Disney Kitchen Screenshots



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