“What Am i To Do” complies with “Bruce Banner” together the 2nd promotional single leading up to the release of Mick’s sophomore album pieces Of A Man.Featuring dreamy, funky… check out More 

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Well ns bet yaWell ns bet yaWell i bet yaWell ns bet—Ali's jabbin' castle shit feel favor hooksThe less you got stuffed in her pocket booksThe an ext these political leaders sound favor crooksThey give me sloppy looksThey provided us nothing, had actually to hustle same way coffee cookEarly morning grind trying to assist these niggas wake up upEtch A lay out flows, I gained the shit come shake upNiggas convert clothesNiggas even switch their confront upBut these clowns might never really switch their make upFam' it's in her genesFuck is that, Moschin'?My triple beam top top bigger schemesI'm on these wavesDon't mean a hand-clap 'cause friend swim upstreamI'm expecting sand traps, i be in the greenIf we talking green backs I'm back in the blackBeen had actually the formula since SimilacDelicate operation under hefty metal bars yet they're quiet intactWhat's a nigga come do?When you call the police but the trigger's ~ above youShit crazy, man
What's a nigga to do?'Cause ns be screaming black they'll beat me come bluePut it on TV climate tell friend what's trueWhat's a nigga come do?What's a nigga to do?When you contact the police but the trigger's ~ above youPull increase on 'em glowing CeCe Winans through the C notesRedefining everything the black guy denotesI could devote timeHow many times ns rewrote present to acquire it perfectMiss me with inertia I'm top top dirtYou gon' need assumptions, practically certainMy assertion we gon' watch if you gained gumptionWe gon' view if friend gon' pat it smart or girlfriend gon' it is in on dumb shitWrong answer, we-go-dumb shitSlow you increase on some speed-bump shitOn some ski-jump shitI'm taking flight 'cause all my operation coldSetting bars, no pole vaultI never ever blow smoke unless it's unleadedI guess you won't recognize my worstNo unedited stressGo top top wax, ns mean

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What's a nigga come do?When friend tell 'em that you is and also they be favor "Who?"What's a nigga to do?Yeah, what's a nigga to do?'Cause i be screaming black they'll win me come bluePut that on TV then tell friend what's trueWhat's a nigga to do?What's a nigga come do?