to the Kyngs Michael Vey Power: capacity to shock civilization through direct contact or conduction. Can likewise absorb other electric children’s powers. Michael is the most powerful of all the electric children and also leader the the Electroclan. The is steadily increasing in power. He also has Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that reasons tics or various other involuntary movements. Elgen scientists believe his Tourette’s is somehow connected to his electricity. Ostin Liss Power: A Nonel—not electric. Ostin is an extremely intelligent, with an IQ of 155, which put him in ~ the exact same level as the mean Nobel prize winner. He is just one of the original three members that the Electroclan and Michael’s best friend. Taylor Ridley Power: capability to in the interim scramble the electric synapses in the brain, leading to confusion. She can likewise read people’s minds, yet only when touching them. Taylor is just one of the initial three members the the Electroclan. She and also Michael discovered each other’s strength at Meridian High School, which they to be both attending. She is Michael’s girlfriend. Abigail Power: capacity to temporarily lull or avoid pain by electrically stimulating specific parts of the brain. She must be touching the human being to carry out so. Together with Ian and also McKenna, Abigail was organized captive through the Elgen for countless years due to the fact that she refuse to follow Hatch. She joined the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy’s prison, recognized as Purgatory. Bryan Power: The capacity to create highly focused electrical energy that allows him to reduced through objects, particularly metal. Bryan is just one of Hatch’s Glows. That spends most of his time playing video clip games and also annoying Kylee. Cassy Power: capability to electrically contract or “freeze” muscle from impressive distances. Among the most an effective of the electrical children, Cassy is additionally the only one come be uncovered by the resistance prior to the Elgen. She has lived v the voice due to the fact that she was four years old. Her job, in addition to distinct missions and also acting as the voice’s bodyguard, is to keep track of the electrical children. She is fine versed on every of their powers and on the backgrounds the both the Glows and the Electroclan. She is a large fan of Michael Vey. Elegant Power: grace acts together a “human speed drive” and is able come transfer and store big amounts of electronic data. Grace was living v the Elgen however joined the Electroclan when they beat Hatch at the Elgen Academy. She has actually been working and also living through the resistance however has no been on any kind of missions with the Electroclan. Ian Power: capacity to see using electrolocation, which is the same way sharks and eels see through muddy or murky water. In addition to McKenna and also Abigail, Ian was hosted captive by the Elgen for numerous years because he refused to monitor Hatch. He joined the Electroclan ~ escaping native the Elgen Academy’s prison, well-known as Purgatory. Jack Power: A Nonel—not electric. Jack spends a most time in the gym and also is very strong. He is also excellent through cars. Originally one of Michael’s bullies, he join the Electroclan after Michael bribed that to aid Michael rescue his mommy from Dr. Hatch. Kylee Power: Born through the ability to develop electromagnetic power, she is basically a human magnet. Among Hatch’s Glows, she spends many of she time shopping, along with her best (and only) friend, Tara. McKenna Power: ability to produce light and heat. She deserve to heat herself to more than three thousand kelvins. In addition to Ian and also Abigail, McKenna was hosted captive through the Elgen for plenty of years due to the fact that she refused to follow Hatch. She join the Electroclan ~ escaping native the Elgen Academy’s prison, known as Purgatory. Nichelle Power: Nichelle acts together an electrical ground and can both detect and also drain the powers of the other electric children. She deserve to also, top top a weaker level than Tessa, improve the other children’s powers. Nichelle was Hatch’s enforcer end the rest of the electric children until he exit her throughout the fight at the Elgen Academy. Although everyone was nervous about it, the Electroclan recruited she to join them on their mission to save Jade Dragon. She has come to be a loyal Electroclan member. Quentin Power: capacity to produce isolated electromagnetic pulses, which allows him take the end all electrical tools within twenty yards. Quentin is smart and also the leader of Hatch’s Glows. The is concerned by the Elgen together second-in-command, just below Hatch. Tanner Power: capability to interfere with the electrical navigation systems of aircraft and also cause lock to failure and crash. His powers room so progressed that he have the right to do this indigenous the ground. After years of mistreatment through the Elgen, Tanner to be rescued by the Electroclan native the Peruvian Starxource plant and has been remaining with the resistance for this reason he has actually a chance to recover. He carries deep emotional pain from the crimes Dr. Hatch compelled him come commit. Tara Power: Tara’s abilities are similar to her pair sister, Taylor’s, in the she deserve to disrupt normal electronic brain functions. Through years that training and also refining her powers, Tara has actually learned to focus on specific parts of the mind in order to create emotions together as are afraid or joy. Working v the Elgen scientists, she has learned just how to create mental illusions, which, among other things, enables her to make people appear as someone or something else. Tara is one of Hatch’s Glows. She and Taylor were embraced by various families after they to be born, and Tara has actually lived v Hatch and also the Elgen because she was 6 years old. Tessa Power: Tessa’s abilities space the opposite of Nichelle’s—she is may be to improve the powers of the other electrical children. Tessa escaped native the Elgen at the Starxource plant in Peru and lived in the Amazon tropical for 6 months with an indigenous tribe dubbed the Amacarra. She join the Electroclan after ~ the tribe rescued Michael indigenous the Elgen and brought lock together. Torstyn Power: one of the more ruthless and also lethal that the electric children, Torstyn can develop microwaves. Torstyn is just one of Hatch’s Glows and was critical to the Elgen in building the initial Starxource plants. Although lock were originally enemies, Torstyn is currently loyal to Quentin and also acts as his bodyguard. Walking Power: A Nonel—not electric. Wade was Jack’s finest friend and also joined the Electroclan at the very same time that did. Wade passed away in Peru once the Electroclan was surprised by an Elgen guard. Zeus Power: ability to “throw” electrical energy from his body. Zeus to be kidnapped by the Elgen together a young child and lived for plenty of years as among Hatch’s Glows. He join the Electroclan once they escaped from the Elgen Academy. His genuine name is Leonard candid Smith. When I was just eight years old, a couple of months ~ my dad died, i was going with a crate of his things as soon as I found a wooden plaque engraved v these words: it is in ashamed come die until you have won some success for humanity. —Horace Mann At the time the plaque didn’t average much to me—other 보다 that it had actually belonged to mine father—but the must have meant something since I never forgot that message. Recently I’ve found myself thinking about it a lot. Maybe because it’s now my reality. You might say that I’m fighting a fight for humanity. Of food I might die and also not win any kind of victory, but I think that’s obtained to be precious something too. I when heard a story the really bothered me. Ns don’t recognize if it to be true or not. Ns hope not. Ns don’t even want to share it v you, it’s that awful. Yet for the services of my story ns going to. It goes choose this: There to be a guy who was in charge of convert the railroad tracks because that the train. The was vital job because if the train was on the wrong track, it could crash into another train, killing hundreds of people. One evening, as he was about to switch the tracks because that an oncoming train, he all of sudden heard the cry that his young son, who had adhered to him out and also was was standing on the track he was an alleged to move the train to. This was the dilemma—if the switched the tracks, the train would kill his son. If the didn’t, the world on the train, thousands of strangers that didn’t also know, can die. In ~ the last minute he switched the tracks. The civilization on the train walk on by, not also knowing the disaster they had actually missed or the little boy who had actually been eliminated beneath them. The father went residence carrying his son’s broken body. I dislike that story, however it provides me think. I have wondered if, offered the same situation, i would adjust the monitor or not. It’s straightforward to action noble and also say girlfriend would when you’re not there, yet what if it’s who you can not live without? What if it were Taylor stand on the tracks? Or Ostin? Or mine mom? the takes me earlier to my father’s plaque around winning a success for humanity. The battle we’re fighting against Dr. Hatch and the Elgen is one the human being doesn’t even know about. And just prefer the man with the train, if us pull this off, nobody on earth, not also you, will ever before know how close they came to complete catastrophe or who was “killed in ~ the train.” prefer Wade. Or maybe, in the end, every one of the Electroclan. If us don’t win, nobody will even know that us tried. How’s the for a stupid dilemma? At the very least we’ll have actually no factor to dice ashamed. * * * My name is Michael Vey. If she still adhering to the insanity of my life, then you’ve to be all roughly the human being with me. Native my house in Meridian, Idaho (which i doubt I’ll ever before see again), we went to California, wherein we damaged into the Elgen Academy and I was captured and also put right into Cell 25. (Yeah, ns still have actually nightmares around that.) then we damaged out, attacked Dr. Hatch, and freed every his GPs, aka human being guinea pigs. You went through me come Peru, whereby we lugged down the Elgen Starxource plant after Dr. Hatch tried to feeding me to, like, a million rats. It’s additionally where we shed Wade. We traveled west to the port of Lima, whereby we sunk two of the Elgen’s boats—their key command ship, the Ampere, and their battleship, the Watt. Unfortunately, Dr. Hatch obtained off the Ampere just before it go out up. Climate we went to Taiwan, wherein we rescued a genius small girl called Jade Dragon before the Elgen can get what she knew out of she head—mainly exactly how to gain their MEI an equipment to make much more of us—electric people. It to be after ours escape indigenous the Taiwan Starxource plant that we found out that the Elgen had struck Timepiece Ranch, our residence base and the resistance’s headquarters in Mexico. We flew earlier to the ranch—or at least what was left of the after the Elgen helicopters bombed it to ashes. We thought that everyone was dead, until we were uncovered by Gervaso, that took united state to the resistance’s brand-new headquarters at Christmas Ranch close to Zion nationwide Park in southerly Utah. Then Taylor, Gervaso, Ian, and also I went earlier to Boise, wherein we rescued Taylor’s parents. Still, despite all we’ve done, the Elgen just keep farming stronger. Currently we have actually a setup to prevent them once and for all. We’re going come the Elgen basic in the south Pacific island country of Tuvalu, come steal the Joule—the Elgen’s floating piggy bank. Together if that’s not crazy enough, that’s just one of our missions. Hatch has actually locked up three of his own electric youngsters for treason—his most powerful: Quentin, Tara, and also Torstyn—and we’re walking to shot to complimentary them. Ns can’t think I’m even considering this. Along with Bryan, those space the same three that made fun of me just prior to Hatch do the efforts to feeding me come his rats in Peru. This is the an initial time that all of us electrics (except Grace) will be walk on a mission together. Even Tanner and Nichelle. Nichelle will be extremely beneficial if Hatch’s electric children decide not to cooperate. Still, this will certainly be yes, really dangerous because that her. She betrayed flower the critical time they met, and he’s not specifically the forgiving type. Ns guessing he’ll do anything to make her pay because that what she did. Then again, I expect that’s true for every one of us. I know, the whole setup seems crazy. If I had to place odds top top it, I’d to speak we’ve obtained a 10 percent chance of to win this one. Ns wouldn’t tell anyone else that. If ns did, I’d have to drop the number to 1 percent, because if you think you’re going to fail, girlfriend most likely will—at the very least that’s what our gym teacher at Meridian High always said. However whether you think you’re walk to lose or not, occasionally you perform what you need to do since it’s the appropriate thing, and also let the chips fall where lock may. I think we’re around to autumn a whole lot of chips. Two Weeks previously Schema hadn’t spoken for virtually a minute once the voice leaned earlier in his chair. “What’s wrong, my friend? Cassy obtained your tongue?” “It’s no me, sir,” Cassy said, brushing her short blond hair ago over one ear. “I’m no doing anything.” “I know, Cass,” the voice said. “The chairman’s in shock. I intend he wasn’t expecting to view me.” “Coonradt,” Schema said. “Doctor Coonradt,” the voice corrected. “At the very least that was when my name. Countless years ago. Now I’m simply ‘the voice.’ that is every you will call me.” Schema looked even an ext confused. “But i don’t understand. . . . You to be dead.” “Because you eliminated me?” Schema claimed nothing. “Don’t stroked nerves to refuse it. I understand that friend tried. You provided my own an innovation against me. And, in a way, girlfriend succeeded. Coonradt is dead. After you eliminated Carl Vey, ns knew that ns was next. I knew that you to be behind his love attack, due to the fact that it to be my modern technology that enabled you to carry out it—a mistake i have regretted because I developed it. “What a simple, perfect means to murder, to give someone a heart strike from a hundreds yards away. That the perfect weapon. In a way, that the very same power the Cassy has, except she come by hers honestly.” the glanced over at Cassy, who slightly nodded. “You believed I to be dead, yet rumors that my death were exaggerated. Ns was sick, mind you. Rather sick for a while. But then it ended up being clear come me the I had actually to die.” Schema change uncomfortably in his seat. “If you knew what I’d done, why did friend rescue me indigenous the Elgen? Why not just let Hatch kill me?” the looked into the voice’s eyes. “Why i can not use you currently killed me?” “Because I want your help to prevent Hatch. You have information the will aid us dismantle what flower is building.” “My enemy’s foe is my friend,” Schema claimed softly. “No,” the voice claimed in a low tone. “You are not mine friend. You room an opportunity. I’m offering you one arrangement, not a friendship. You can assist us or not, it’s your choice. Yet now that you know my identity, if you select not to cooperate, you will be silenced.” Schema blinked. “Silenced?” “I think that’s words you once supplied to order my murder,” the voice said. “Hatch would have actually fed you come his rats. I, on the other hand, am much more merciful. But if you reveal my identity, thousands, probably millions, will certainly die. Your life is not worth that. So make no mistake, you will certainly be . . . Silenced.” The voice turned come Cassy. “Go ahead and attach the arrestor.” “Yes, sir,” Cassy said. She walked the end of the room. “What’s one arrestor?” Schema asked. “Your new companion.” Cassy walked ago into the room carrying a little box. She stand in prior of Schema. “Take off your shirt, please.” Schema looked in ~ her, then ago at the voice. “What room you doing?” “Let me be clear,” the voice said. “Your really existence hangs through a thread. Don’t acquire into the habit the questioning orders. Ns am not your employee or your subordinate. I carry out not have time come trifle through you. You will obey me without inquiry or die quickly.” His eyes narrowed and he spoke slowly, carefully enunciating each word. “Do friend understand?” “Yes.” “Then take it it off.” Schema conveniently pulled turn off his shirt, exposing his tan, flabby body. “Now placed your arms with here,” Cassy said. The machine she was putting on him looked a lot like the Elgen RESAT. Schema put his arms through the straps, and Cassy slid the an equipment forward. A thin, rubber-coated box about the size of a mobile rested end his heart. Cassy locked the straps, then took the other two straps from the box and also brought them about Schema’s ribs and also snapped castle shut in back. “You are acquainted with the RESAT machines, the course,” the voice said. “This is patterned after ~ them, but based upon the same technology that you used to death Carl Vey. Except I’ve do a few improvements.” The voice lifted a tiny remote. “If you space a half mile or much more from the central monitor, i beg your pardon is secured what in this building, the arrestor will automatically activate, automatically stopping her heart. If I push this button, right here, the arrestor will certainly activate, protecting against your heart. If you shot to eliminate the device, the arrestor will activate, stopping your heart. “Of course Cassy can do any kind of of this without technology, however I wanted insurance in situation you think you can escape while we’re not around. You will wear the arrestor until I take it turn off you.” Cassy fastened the final lock, climate stepped back. The an equipment hummed quietly as 2 diodes began blinking. “It’s on,” Cassy said. The voice lifted the far in former of him, his index finger hovering a 4 minutes 1 inch over a red button. “One push, and your heart ceases come beat.” “I obtain the idea,” Schema said, sounding more annoyed than scared. “Of food you do,” the voice said. “You’ve organized others’ lives in her hands for part time. Just how does it feel to it is in on the opposite finish of the leash?” “Humbling,” Schema said. “But Hatch currently put me ~ above that finish of the leash.” “Yes, he has. And it’s time come talk around him. Time is of the essence. We have a setup we are about to put right into motion.” The voice leaned forward.

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“We space going to the love of the Elgen. We space going come steal the Joule.”