If we have the right to blame Marvel for anything, it"s for making credits scenes a point again, an interpretation we deserve to never really ascendancy out any blockbuster having actually them.

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Men in Black: International is the latest release of the 2019 summer season and, if successful, can be the start of a brand-new series of movies starring chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

So, does it execute anything to set up a Men in Black: global 2, or Men in black 5 if you"d prefer? us won"t enraged you... It doesn"t. Over there is for sure nothing during or ~ the credits.


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While it could have been provided as a teaser for future adventures, there was likewise the possibility for a crowd-pleasing cameo from original stars will certainly Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Agent J and Agent K didn"t display up in Men in Black: International (although they can be spotted in a painting, conserving the world), however it turns out that there was a factor that they weren"t in it.

"It was carried up by a pair of human being on the outside, however it felt castle both impend so large it simply didn"t feeling right," producer Laurie MacDonald told Variety.

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Keep one eye out for "a little homage" come Tommy Lee Jones and Will smith in #MIBInternational, claims producer Walter Parkes pic.twitter.com/IwELMQOImp

— variety (
Variety) June 11, 2019

That makes total sense together it could have detracted indigenous Men in Black: International being properly the beginning story of certified dealer H (Hemsworth) and also Agent M (Thompson).

Perhaps now that they"ve been created in the world (Agent H now head that MIB"s London branch and Agent M heading earlier to brand-new York), we might well see an ext of agent J and also K in the future...

Men in Black: International is in cinemas now.

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