General InfoMi shop Spa assists guests through hair, nail, skin and also body care needs. The spa and salon offers haircuts because that men, women and also students as well as style and coloring needs. That spa services include massages, back treatments, sinus treatments, sea wraps, factory wraps, human body fragocean, moor mud, human body waxing, facials and eyelash and also eyebrow tinting. It also offers makeup application services and also nail solutions such together manicures, polishes, pedicures and also foot facials. Mi is additionally affiliated v Michael s college of Hair Design. Mi salon Spa is in Florence, Ky.Hours

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9:00 to be - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 to be - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Primary Phone:(859) 282-6726

Services/Products Massage Nail solutions BrandsredkenPayment methodamex, cash, check, discover, grasp card, visa, all major credit cardsAKA

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Parking:Lot, Private

Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Price selection :Average

By appointment Only:Yes

Good for Kids:Yes


April L.

I simply moved come the area from out of state ns was absolutely terrified to have actually my hair done anywhere. Lauren, before she also started sat down and did a consultation with me to discover out specifically what I wanted my hair come look like. She put the highlights in my hair and used a toner. Castle squeezed me in, so mine haircut and also style was with Addie. She took time explaining what every product she was using in mine hair was going to do for my hair and how to effectively put that in mine hair. Once she to be done v the blowout she added some curl because that fun. She rotate me approximately for the big reveal, ns was therefore happy my hair has actually never looked for this reason beautiful! I might not be much more pleased through this salon and will definitely be returning!

Over the critical 10 year I have gone to Mi Salon many times, because that mani/pedi, full massages, microderm abrassion, eyebrown colour and wax etc..The young lady who does my pedicures is fantastic, her name is Lexi; she not just does a terrific job; she is a delight to speak with. Constantly remembers whatever (even if it has actually been months). It is constantly so relaxing, my nails are always impeccable and my feet feel 500 times much better after the pedicure and also foot massage. She is great!

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Before today, I had actually not had actually my hair reduced or styled in practically a year. I"m leery of that to trust! I require not look any further, Katie IS A MAGICIAN! :-) i walked in v so lot hair, feeling unsure around what to carry out with it and also Katie aided me decision what to carry out with my hair. I LOVE IT. The is merely the finest haircut and also style i have had in many, numerous years. That"s speak ALOT. I"ve obtained my hair cut at plenty of high end salons end the years-MI salon is much better, it"s higher quality styling. Katie was really knowledgeable around her profession and also gave me tips for styling mine hair. I"ll definitely be returning to view her. If you want to walk out of a shop feeling and also looking amazing, speak to her girls!

In the beginning, I had to find a plce to obtain my hair done....MI shop was the only place human being talked about going to obtain their hair done. So ns went. Initially, it was ok. I had actually a good girl, which came to be pregnant and also left. Ever since she has left, I have actually had everything happen from a dye job whiich made my hair look prefer the Cincinnati Bengals Helmet, to a copper penny, come brown through orange. Now to the hair cut - i asked because that a trim and came out v an Asymetrical cut that was at the very least 5"" difference from ear come ear. When I said please fix this ns am not leaving, she gave me a Pixie hair cut! ns looked favor tinkerbell. I came back to provide her one more chance, and also the owner actually come over to reduced my hair - I have never looked therefore scary in my entire life! mine forehead was shed from the flat iron, mine ears had burns ~ above them, and also then to comprise for it, i got my next appointment because that free....LOL ns did no go back.Now for the eyebrow and also bikini waxing - operation away! perform not permit them touch her eyebrows! pros - near to practically everything approximately Florence, and easy to make an appointment, as none that the chairs it seems to be ~ to be full...Cons - negative, nasty, pretentious attitudes, and also if friend know just how you desire your hair cut and you know you need a 6gn because that hair color, don"t walk to them. They perform not listen and also style and also color how they feel is best. Journey the street to obtain a an excellent cut so you have the right to hold her head increase high in public and also be happy through what you have, not driving to gain your hair solved the job of your wedding.