Have friend remembered the metal iphone 4 case dubbed Vapor? now A new limited edition series named Vapor too much Metals has been exit by ElementCASE.

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The minimal edition collection of Vapor iphone 4 situation has four types of different cases, consisting of Vapor 007, Vapor Frost, AR15-V, and Satin Nickel. Each Vapor excessive Metals iphone 4 case is make of metal material. And also each type features that is own distinct features, because that instance, Vapor 007 has a special finish with a brushed grain included by hand, Vapor Frost attributes a satin smooth aluminum surface, and also comes in two colors consisting of Blood Red and also Graphite, AR15-V features a non-glare matte black finish and a carbon fiber protective backing, Satin Nickel has a actual Nickel plating, this way its surface will naturally get darker.



The prices of the Vapor too much Metals iphone 4 instances are ranged from $99.99 to $119.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to ElementCASE for more details.

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