The guys in Black room back, but for exactly how long? Men in Black: International is in theater now, featuring a fresh actors on a hilarious new adventure. The course, this is a major franchise, for this reason we have to ask: Is there a post-credits step designed to set up the sequel? What have the right to we speculate around MIB: global 2? Here’s every little thing you have to know.

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Warning: spoilers for Men in Black: International below. Stop now if girlfriend don’t desire to know just how the movie end — uneven you have actually easy accessibility to a neuralyzer.


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So does Men in Black: International have actually a post-credits scene? quick answer: No. As soon as the credits duty you can acquire up and leave. However, the doesn’t median the movie doesn’t do sufficient to collection up a sequel. There’s in reality plenty of ways we can see Men in Black: worldwide 2 play out. (We simply hope it has actually a better title. Maybe, Men in Black: Intergalactic?)

By the end of the movie, agent High T (Liam Neeson) has actually been exposed as a an enig evil alien and also defeated. Certified dealer H (Chris Hemsworth) takes over as head that the MIB’s London office, while M (Tessa Thompson) return to new York with O (Emma Thompson) as a full-fledged agent. Oh also, Pawnee (a tiny alien voiced through Kumail Nanjiani) stays in London to save an eye on H regardless of pledging his allegiance come M earlier in the movie.

So wherein does that leave us? The noticeable plot because that Men In Black: worldwide 2 would certainly reunite M and H because that some brand-new world-threatening occasion — maybe the return the the evil Hive or probably some other alien menace. This appears like simple win too, considering the remarkable comedic chemistry these 2 actors plainly have, but it’s not the just option.

Personally, I’m an ext interested in see Emma Thompson’s personality play a larger function in any type of potential sequel. She’s only in a few scenes in International, yet she renders a large impact. Now that certified dealer M is ago home, perhaps the 2 can adopt a kind of mentor-mentee connection that feel closer come the one we saw between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith ago in the initial MIB.

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In this scenario, Hemsworth could still have a cameo, or also play a major role in the second fifty percent of the movie when bringing Nanjiani follow me for the ride. However assuming we get one more Men in black movie, it would be good to check out International’s many overlooked agent get a bit more screen time.