Not to be mistaken for the baby Doll or tech reporter Dickey, Singer Megan rose made her note on "The Voice" season 13 as a pressure to be reckoned with.

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Megan appeared on "The Voice" with the support of she mother, father, and friends. Though she confidence was undeniably present, the are afraid of stage-fright led to her father to gasp while the young singer go on phase to perform for the judges throughout her remote audition. Megan being fashionably forward, she sported a "country goth" look and set the speed of the show performing "Ode to billy Joe" through Bobbie Gentry. Megan to be able to catch the attention of judges Adam and Miley, and the battle to victory her on their team began. Despite both judges dealt with hard for her vote (Miley rushing come hug the younger singer and also Adam offering up his seat to Rose), Megan made decision to it is in on Miley"s team, setup the document for the first all-girl team on "The Voice". And with that, history was made, developing Miley"s Herstory team.

Megan challenged off v Ashland Craft, one more country contender, together Miley look for to perfect her team. And while both ladies sung their hearts out while battling it the end performing "Good Hearted Woman" through Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Rose shed her location on the all-girls team. However, top top a display filled v surprises, it was just a stepping stone for increased as she was later on stolen through Blake Shelton to sign up with the nation singers" team.

It was clear that Megan"s finish goal if on "The Voice" was to win, however it wasn"t till the knockouts the the judges really observed her pure talent. The singer carry out "Smoke Break" by Carrie Underwood (one of her favorite country artist) and stole the show. Being increased on country music, the was herbal for the singer to belt out one of Carrie Underwood"s most famed songs effortlessly. And though her power was impeccable, Megan shed to she opponent, Red Marlow.

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If you monitor Megan on any of she social pages together as facebook or Instagram, you will certainly find, the unlike the Megan climbed Doll or Megan increased Dickey (tech reporter), Megan increased is a funny loving nation singer that has much to lug to the industry. Despite she did no make it to the final rounds ~ above "The Voice", Megan verified to the human being that she was truly a talented nation singer. She managed this with her great blind audition, amazing battle skills, and also a knockout tune that melted the mind of every viewers. Megan has actually not let she loss avoid her career. If Megan is known by family and also friends, numerous fans are left wondering who is Megan rose the singer?

Wow, ns don’t even know where to start. My time on The Voice has been nothing brief of incredible. Growing up i watched and also admired every artist increase on the stage. Never in mine wildest desires did ns think that something choose this could ACTUALLY happen to me. Give thanks to you, give thanks to you, thank YOU to anyone who has actually supported and encouraged me transparent this journey, it has actually meant the human being to me!