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all set or not, below I comeYou can"t hide, nigga I"m too damn flySippin" all of this violet it gained me as well damn highThey to speak they under for the team yet playing 2 damn sidesI"m like niggas ain"t loyal, niggas ain"t loyalAll these voices in my head sayin" niggas ain"t for youAnd when you acquiring money this niggas aim for youAnd when it"s lookin" sunny these niggas rain ~ above youIt"s a dark cloud end me, money took control of meI"m barely obtaining time to check out my son and also that shit hurting meBaby momma trippin" outI tell she to work-related with meI"m on probation tho strapped cause niggas wanna killing meAnd recently I"ve been gettin" faded (faded)Cut a couple homies off cause them niggas hatinAnd every the bitches wanna posesthe me cuz the nigga madeI"m gettin" file heart cold together the refrigeratorYoung niggas gettin" moneyYoung niggas gettin" moneyYoung niggas gonna get it yeahAnd aint a cursed thang changeBut the bezel on my rollie and the diamonds in my chainYoung wealthy nigga 4 minutes 1 milli precious of jewelsBad bitch v me tryna blow me prefer a fuseJust to get a bag and also maybe a pair the shoesAint it stunner what your lady will execute for a pair that louvesBig dreams turn to big thingsI"ve to be waitin" on this day since I was 16Big chains ashton martin as I move lanesBefore I ever made a struggle I had actually wrist gameIn the kitchen through them points tryna make a killin"We in the structure every various other month I"m do millionAnd this niggas talkin" wreckless cuz lock think I"m chillin""Til I placed some money on your head, yea make them feeling itHave they own homies perform "em like they never knew "emI"ll have Armele to walk upon as soon as we run into "emClose range shorty have em placed something with "emSo ns hope you all set cuz we"re heavy and also we"re comin" because that yaYoung niggas gettin" moneyYoung niggas gettin" moneyYoung niggas gonna obtain it yeahAnd aint a damn thang changeBut the bezel on my rollie and the diamonds in mine chainThe meek candlestick inherit the earthSo imma own this bitch till I"m hidden in dirtI just rode v niggas that would bring me to mine hurseBlesses for my grandma, she lug me to the churchAnd i don"t understand why, I simply feel like I"m the oneThey brand me a victim however now look what ns becomeOr need to I say became mom ns doin" it for the fameI from wherein they never ever make it however I went versus the grainCharges the end agianst my name, assasination to mine characterLife"s a bitch, she cheated ~ above me but I married herNiggas gettin" murdered, this shit is gettin" scarierDodgin every the potholes, jumpin" every the barrier"sAnd if she a bitch! i feel like I just got in the pussyShorty wanna it is in a star, that"s why she poppin that pussyShe tryna win, so she hang among winnersThat"s why ns take the time, just to pray in ~ moms dinnerCuz ns remember cold nights not the winterNot the weather I"m talking about with veniceFor the money sins they acquire commitedAnd girlfriend they gain to splittinDivided just like divisionsSo every day that ns wake up, mine undivided attentionIt walk to get my cake up and also stayin" out of lock prisonsYea, the mechanism made me strongerAnd bein" broke just provided me mine hungerI"m gone!