Appeared on the present Aqua Teen Hunger Force under MC Chris' alter-ego MC Pee Pants. This and Fett’s Vett are his two the majority of well known songs.

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I want candyBubble gum and taffySkip to the sweet shop through my sweetheart SandyGot my pennies conserved, so I'm her sugar daddyI'm her Hume Cronyn, she's my Jessica TandyI want candy!Placed it in a pileSplit it wit my biddyFiddy-fiddy, down the lineKinda favor "Cshed Encounters of the 'Cavity' Kind"I'm talkin licorice kissesTalkin chocodile smilesI want candy!I acquired a sugar toothPut on your shinguards, Sandy, reason I wanna knock bootsLick a peppermint stick til the lollipop droopGumdrops, it don't stop, til it licked knocked loose
(Candy, candy)I require candyBubblegum and also taffyGet in my means, punk, ya gonna get ya ass beatNastyDo it so your dad seesEmbarrass your entirety familyJust reason you came between a child and also his candyI require candyAny kind'll doDon't care if it's nutritious or FDA approvedIt's gonna make me spaz prefer bobcats on boozeA hyperactive juiceThat just I can produceThat fuels a huge drill, bore straight right into hellReleasing prehistoric demons from their sleep-forever before spellSo they can walk upon the earth, and get resituatedAnd hawk the diet pills MC Pee Pants have actually created
I require candyWant some candyEat candy til I'm deadI'll kill you for some candyGimme candy, candyheadWbelow you keepin all the candy?Who made you candy King?If you don't give me some candy I will certainly make the women sing!(Candy, in the morningCandy on the method to schoolCandy, at college, at lunch, in the afternoonCandy, at college, on the way home from schoolCandy, at dinner, at dinner, in bed)Mess up the mix, mix up the messCome on down, yo, here's the addressSassist six-one-twoWharf AvenueRight following toGentleman's Club
Appeared on the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force under MC Chris" alter-ego MC Pee Pants. This and Fett’s Vett are his 2 many well known songs.


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