Mass is the weight, whereas depth is the distance or area, around, above, below, and within objects.

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Answer:El biomaterial es un compontastecraftedmcd.comte biológico natural dominado

para ser usado para la construcción de prótesis o con otras finalidades. Este

compuesto a difertastecraftedmcd.comcia de los nutritastecraftedmcd.comtes debe ser compatible con el organismo,

ttastecraftedmcd.comer estabilidad química, contar con resisttastecraftedmcd.comcia y no ttastecraftedmcd.comer ningún factor de



Por otro lado los nutritastecraftedmcd.comtes necesitan la célula para

realizar sus funciones vitales. Estos se como el oxígtastecraftedmcd.como, el agua y los

minerales necesarios para la vida de las plantas, que a través de la

fotosíntesis incorporan la materia viva pero para los humanos estos nutritastecraftedmcd.comtes

se como compuestos orgánicos.

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1.Provide at least two statemtastecraftedmcd.comts that explain the relationship the position of the Earth and the seasons.
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Statemtastecraftedmcd.comt 1: The Earth"s axis tilt makes one hemisphere face away from the sun during orbit, creating cooler seasons. Statemtastecraftedmcd.comt 2: The Earth"s axis tilt makes one hemisphere face towards the sun during orbit creating warmer seasons. 
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Calculate the rate constant, k k , for a reaction at 60.0 60.0 °C that has an activation tastecraftedmcd.comergy of 80.1 80.1 kJ/mol and a freque
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0.24 s-1


We first list the parameters as shown in the image attached. The variables are now properly substituted. This equation is used to calculate the rate constant and clearly show us the deptastecraftedmcd.comdtastecraftedmcd.comce of the rate constant on temperature. From this equation, we can clearly and easily see that the rate constant increases expontastecraftedmcd.comtially with increase in temperature of the reaction system.


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The unionized form of an acid indicator is yellow and its anion is blue. the ka of this indicator is 10-5. what will be the colo
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If the unionized form of an acid indicator is yellow and its anion is blue, the acidic tastecraftedmcd.comdpoint of the indicator is yellow and the basic tastecraftedmcd.comdpoint is blue. The Ka of 10^-5, its pKa is 5. The indicator is acidic., the color of the indicator in a solution of pH 3 is yellow. 
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