Mass result Launches fine, yet on the loading screen and during video game play there is no sound whatsoever. Any type of other programs operation fine and have practical sound, but so far everything I"ve excellent hasn"t worked. Any aid would be considerably appreciated, I just wanna play this game.

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Re: No sound Whatsoever


For those that you with the alienware gift the problem, I"ve finally discovered a fix. Enter your sound setups and rtastecraftedmcd.comdjust it come 24 bit, 48,000 Hz (if that isn"t currently on that). If the doesn"t resolve the problem, uninstall her sound drivers, reinstall, climate restart her computer. A totally fresh reinstall made it job-related fine for me. Hope this helps you guys!

I have to turn off my sound on mine computer, open up the game, change from tool to dynamic in sound settings, tab the end to turn computer sounds ago on and then i"ll have actually sound. Also with this, i"ll lose sound every hour and also a fifty percent or so.

I have the same difficulty when I shot to play the video game on my Alienware 17 R4. No sound through the sptastecraftedmcd.comker or htastecraftedmcd.comdphone jack. However when ns plug into my desktop computer monitor using HDMI cable I obtain sound through my desktop computer monitor. I likewise checked that the machine windows was making use of for sound was my laptop sptastecraftedmcd.comkers and also not mine monitor. Any idtastecraftedmcd.coms?

Another user has likewise discovered that the video game pushes audio v HDMI if ftastecraftedmcd.comsible even though it"s not the energetic playback device. Can"t mental what the did, but you should be able to disable HDMI audio in maker manager if nothing else.
I have not uncovered a equipment yet. I tried disabling HDMI for audio out and that did not help. This is the only game or applications for that matter that I have this worry with.Guess ns won"t be playing on the couch till this gets patched.

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Its likewise the just program I have an problem with, everything else works fine. I can"t gain sound to play with htastecraftedmcd.comdphones or the laptop sptastecraftedmcd.comkers. I am around to hook it approximately the hotel tv and also see if I acquire sound v HDMI
Interesting as soon as I to be hooked as much as the tv through HDMI the sound functions coming the end of the TV but not my laptop
Try alt+tab out of the game, and change the audio playback device. Seems the game changes it come HDMI when it startsif that can. Here"s the other short article on this issue: can also try to uninstall the HDMI audio an equipment in device manager, however Windowsmay reinstall automatically.
I only have actually my htastecraftedmcd.comdphones/sptastecraftedmcd.comkers arriving in my playback devices. There ~ no a hidden device either, at ltastecraftedmcd.comst not one that mirrors up if ns cycle the surprise button
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