Drive eastern from the forward Station close to the Kadara Slums and also follow the roadway as it turns north-east and north. Neglect the very first fork (to the south) and also take the 2nd fork, this one initially running east through a collective camp before turning south, southeast. Close to a Mining ar you’ll discover a humble structure east of the road, inside of which you’ll discover Exiles behaving strangely. Speak to a crouching Salarian and he’ll mutter around some Datapad owned by the angry “them”. This start the pursuit “Mind Games”.

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Talk to the Salarian exile and listen to his crazy rambling (left) climate scan his fellow aliens (right).

Read the Datapad “Observation Log” to check that someone is, indeed, messing through the minds of these poor aliens. Scan all three of the bad Exiles so SAM deserve to locate the resource of the signal that’s messing v their brains, then leaving the building. Head south and slightly east through one of Kadara’s lover sulfur springs to find another structure, which will certainly be significant as your objective when you approach.

Head upstairs and enter the building to challenge two Scientists, who openly reveal their previous affiliations, tout their own brilliance, and also explain the purpose of your exploitative experiments. Not an extremely subtle, space they? Exhaust your dialogue options after which Ryder will contact SAM, who states that he deserve to shut the experiment down. User interface with a mind Control maker (the scientists will kindly just stand about while friend tinker v their experiment) and also you’ll get three options.


The Scientists claim to have functioned for a group referred to as Cerberus, a xenophobic person extremist group in the initial Mass effect trilogy. The “Project Lazarus” they mention was a Cerberus initiative to plan to restore Commander Shepard to fighting kind in Mass impact 2.


Confront the scientists in the surrounding structure (left) then decide what to carry out with their mind control machine (right).

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If you pick “Walk away” the quest will end and also you’ll gain 270 XP. Not very glamorous. If you choose the choice “Turn it versus scientists” you’ll do them re-superstructure in their victim’s suffering, however won’t in reality ease the pain for the aforementioned victims. This alternative will earn you 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability and 270 XP. Finally, you have the right to pick the option “Ease victim’s situation” to thwart - if not punish the researchers - and also ease their victim’s pain. This is additionally worth 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability and also 270 XP.