Early in the Lair of the zero Broker DLC, at the finish of the auto chase ~ above Ilium, there is a cutscene whereby you ram the automobile of the Asari you space chasing.

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During this cutscene, the video game freezes, display screen goes black and also stays that way (though the music proceeds briefly).

I have tried all the solutions provided online because that ME2 crashes:

Steam"s "verify video game files" function (to settle corrupt files)Change Audio maker settings come 16bit 44khzRun game Borderless Windowed (instead that fullscreen)Run video game in windows 7 compatibility modeAdd the command line discussion -nomoviestartup Re-running the installer exe for the Lair the the shadow Broker DLC

Any various other ideas?

(I composed this problem into computer tastecraftedmcd.com wiki as well : https://pctastecraftedmcd.comwiki.com/wiki/Mass_Effect_2#Crash_during_vehicle_chase_on_Illium so no allude suggesting I try there...)

(i5-2500, R9 280x, 8GB RAM, 5.1ch sound, do the efforts both 1920x1080 and also 800x600, graphical setups maxed out and also "minned out").

technical-issues mass-effect-2
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asked may 11 "18 at 14:32

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Try to decrease resolution. When you decide to do something, favor crash, the game easily processes a lot of data to do this work, high graphic only add to the confusion of this. I had the very same problem and this operated for me.

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answered may 11 "18 at 14:35

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In the end, the only solution that worked was to achieve an, ahem, alternative copy the the game, that had all the DLC.

That variation simply functioned without any if this timewasting and also fuss EA placed me v as a paying customer.

Due come the posting guidelines i won"t offer details, but the specific version I provided was packaged by a volunteer called "Mr DJ" (to assist you google it, if needed).

(If anyone else has a far better answer to this worry please feel totally free to short article it, because that the benefit of others).

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answered may 14 "18 in ~ 1:29

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I simply tabbed out (on full-screen) right prior to the cut-scene usually crashed. Maybe I was lucky, but worth make the efforts if the alternative is re-downloading etc.

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I adjusted fullscreen to windowed and it aided me to prevent the crash

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answered may 25 "19 in ~ 21:09
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