Despite a irradiate morning rain, you re welcome crowds top to the agricultural Hall grounds ~ above Saturday morning because that the first West Tisbury Farmers’ industry of the season. Business was so fast at Stoney Hill Pizza and Khen’s tiny Kitchen that the two purveyors offered out prior to closing time.

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Throughout the market acquainted vendors were back, representing the large spectrum the Island farms, indigenous Morning Glory Farm, Beetlebung and also Tea lane Farm, to smaller sized purveyors prefer Island punishment Company, and Flat point Farm with its goat’s milk soap and wool. The Pie Chicks were back, along with Cinnamon Starship bread, Mimi’s Hitting the Sauce, and Chilmark Coffee pulling shots that espresso.


together per usual, lines formed for Khen\"s egg rolls. — Ray Ewing

Farm stands brimmed with early on produce: strawberries, vibrant lettuces, feathery herbs and the an initial peas of the season.

Market stalwarts Bucky Burrows and Suzanne Fenn manned your longtime lemonade and salsa stand, greeting old friends.

The industry will proceed to be hosted on Saturdays and Wednesdays v Oct. 30 top top the Agricultural culture grounds, having made the temporary relocate last year from the Grange Hall as result of the pandemic. Much of the Covid security rules have actually been peaceful this year, permitting for mask-less to buy outside. However vendors are still spaced fine apart, and also signs repeat market-goers to observe social distancing.

“It provides it nice and open, gives civilization room to walk around, and also we’ve got great feedback top top it critical year from customers and also vendors alike,” claimed Tucker Pforzheimer, that is co-managing the industry this year through Elana Carlson.


Nina Levin the Stoney Hill Pizza transforms out one more pie. — Ray Ewing

Picnic tables are on their way, added Ms. Carlson, in addition to live music. SNAP benefits will be embraced too.

On Saturday, Margaret Fleischner made sure she came down on time to get an egg roll from Khen’s tiny Kitchen.

“Just say i love egg rolls,” she claimed as she stood in line.

New vendors were also setup up stands Saturday, consisting of Bryanna Allen Rickstad of Santosha farms in Edgartown. Ms. Rickstad relocated to the Island in 2018 and is leasing land for farming.

“I to be nervous it would certainly feel competitive due to the fact that I’m a pretty small farm contrasted to several of them yet everyone’s yes, really nice,” she said. “It feel really ar driven.”

Kate Woods, the brand-new manager the Beetlebung farm in Chilmark, stated she took pleasure in being may be to satisfy so countless other Island farmer in one place.


market is open up Wednesday and Saturdays native 9 a.m. To noon. — Ray Ewing

“I have actually been meaning to go and also visit and also meet a most the different managers that farms however I haven’t had actually the time or well-known when come drop in, for this reason this is sort of choose the perfect space,” she said.

Shoppers filled their bags and children frolicked about, bringing earlier a feeling of normalcy come an Island institution started in 1934 in an answer to the an excellent Depression and also then revived in 1974. Mr. Pforzheimer thanked critical year’s managers, Collins Heavener and Olivia Rabbitt, because that the occupational they go in keeping the market going during the pandemic.

“Compared to last year i think the we’ve had it very easy,” that said. “They put some exceptional rules in place approximately Covid last year the luckily us were able come relax v the aid of the plank of health and state regulations.”

The West Tisbury Farmers’ Market continues through Oct. 30, every Saturday and also Wednesday indigenous 9 a.m. To noon at 35 Panhandle Road, West Tisbury.

More pictures.

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West Tisbury Farmers' Market


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