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Brands400 Yards east of Lowes, Aircraft, Cars/Trucks, Glues, understand Books, design Railroading, Models & lots MorePayment methoddebit, discover, master card, visaNeighborhoodSaint CharlesAccreditation

National retail Hobby shop Association

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Parking:Lot, Private

Bike Parking:Yes

Price range :Average






The ideal hobby shop in the area.Been handling them since they were in note Twain mall.keep that up!!!!!!!!

Brittany B.

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All sales Tactics, zero knowledge. Ns asked very basic questions and they simply kept mentioning what I need to buy quite than guiding me in the appropriate direction.

drove indigenous Illinois to shop here. Heard it was a top notch hobby shop. That was. Fantastic service, an extremely knowledgeable staff, good priced. Fine worth the drive. Will certainly be back soon.

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I have faced MTH off and also on because that the past several years. I have never regretted return or making any kind of purchases. Many recently i have end up being re-involved with RC Planes. During my re-introduction, MTH has always detailed solid, trustworthy advice which consisted of a combintion of older and also newer technology and products based upon which was many appropriate. Additionally, the advice listed appeared to be what was finest for me, and also not pushed by them just trying to do a sale. In several cases, their referrals would an outcome in a cheaper choice than ns was initially considering, or in a few cases, caused a solution that would certainly not also require a purchase. Ns would have no reservation about recommending who to shop at MTH. Based on the extr support and help provided, I would certainly incourage someone to shop in ~ MTH over shopping on-line.