Includes: Satin Polyester Jacquard 2-piece colonial Dress v Zipper Back, Broadcloth lined Bodice, dress with adjustable Side Panniers, Trimmed through White Polyester Lace.

Monarchs and royal families are regularly known for living lavish lifestyles, but none have ever matched that of Queen Marie Antoinette. The was her taste for too much spending and also incredible high-end that led she to come to be the last Queen the France and also ultimately ended her life throughout the French Revolution.

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Born into royalty together Archduchess the Austria, Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and also Francis I, the holy Roman Emperor. In April the 1770, Marie Antoinette married Louis-Auguste, the heir to the French throne. She husband ascended the throne in might 1774, do Marie Antoinette the Queen the France. The brand-new queen was automatically popular v the French people; lock admired her style, her beauty, and her grace. Marie Antoinette quickly end up being a style icon thanks to her specially made dresses crafted from rarely fabrics, high hair formats known as poufs decorated through feathers and jewels, and also her exquisite fashion choices.

Ironically, it to be Queen Marie Antoinette’s revered fashion and also exquisite way of living that led the French populace come turn versus her. She was accused of being wasteful and also extravagant, spending in excess on her very own fashion and luxuries when the remainder of the country faced a major financial crisis. While her world suffered, unable to afford even a loaf of bread, Marie Antoinette imported structure from roughly the world and also built herself a new residence, among other luxuries. Marie Antoinette to be then embroiled in the Diamond Necklace Affair, and also the French people began to despise your queen.

When the French transformation broke out in 1789, the queen and her family were imprisoned. The country was dealing with financial ruin, and also the monarchy to be over. The whole disaster the sparked the revolution was blamed ~ above Queen Marie Antoinette, and also she was tried before the Revolutionary Tribunal on dues of high treason. She was uncovered guilty, and on October 16, 1793, Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes repertoire of high quality costume clothing, this children’s Marie Antoinette French costume is authentic come the 1700s and also the attire worn through the infamous aristocrat herself. You’ll look just like the Queen of France who sparked a revolution when you don this historically precise costume set. To catch Marie Antoinette’s attire accurately, this costume has a 2-piece satin polyester jacquard dress through a zipper back, a broadcloth inside wall bodice, and a dress with flexible side panniers and also white lace trim. Additionally included to complete your daily Marie Antoinette attire room a white lace trimmed shawl and a corresponding mob cap.

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Of course, every Marie Antoinette costume requirements a few accessories, too. No woman during the 18th century go without her Marie Antoinette wig and colonial lot cap, queen or otherwise. If you’d like to boost your Marie Antoinette attire with our heritage Costume equipment (which space not consisted of with the purchase of this costume), you have the right to pair this costume outfit with these choices from our wide an option of added details to create your an extremely own personalized costume.

This high-quality Marie Antoinette costume have the right to be provided for historic school events, play, or simply a fun day the pretending to it is in a member the the critical of the French monarchy in the 18th century. Made with pride and care best in the united States, this kids’ Marie Antoinette French costume is built to last.