Choose one -- Rerevolve taracquire creature card from your graveyard to your hand also.- Rerotate 2 taracquire Pirate cards from your graveyard to your hand.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal



king-saproling on Blex: The Quest for Pest 3 months back

You might favor these: Tortured Existence , Syr Konrad, the Grim , Desecrated Tomb , Tormod, the Desecrator , Carnival of Souls , The Gitrog Monster , Skola Grovedancer , Turnwood Sower , Memorial to Folly , Phyrexian Reclamation , Blood Beckoning , Disentomb , Ghoulcaller"s Chant , March of the Drowned , Ivory Tower , Venser"s Journal

multimedia on Pirates, argh matey! 8 months ago

Hey, excellent begin on a budacquire. Malcolm is spelled wrong that"s why it"s showing in the category Unwell-known.

More low CMC flying/unblockable Pirates can assist to perform combat damage to an enemy to cause Brass:

Merchant Raiders and also Coercive Recruiter have actually great repeatable impacts through Piprices. These effects can assist to clear the means of blockers for Piprices to perform combat damages to enemies. The creatures you obtain regulate of through Recruiter gain the bonus of becoming a Pirate till end of the turn which helps to cause Brass. Both these Piprices are fantastic with Fathom Fleet Captain who deserve to be a repeatable resource of Pirate tokens.

Shared Animosity deserve to be an effective repeatable effect for your attacking Piprices. March of the Drowned and Fiery Cannonade are beneficial Piprice tribal spells. Chaos Warp, Negate, Feed the Sheat are beneficial in its entirety support spells.

Some cards to take into consideration cutting:

Walk the PlankBriber"s PurseSoul ManipulationSong-Mad TreacheryKari Zev"s ExpertiseExtract from DarknessAngrath, Captain of ChaosColumn of OriginsDeadeye PlunderersAEtherizeAdaptive AutomatonDoor of Destinies

Some budacquire land upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

FormOverFunction on Admiral Brass' Pirate Crew 1 year earlier

I like the theme - March of the Drowned is an excellent fit!!

multimedia on A Pirate's life, Pilfer, Pillage and also Plunder 1 year earlier

Hey, good start, nice Dockside Extortionist and Vampiric Tutor :)

Consider even more one/two drop Piprices specifically ones via flying? More all at once one/two drop Pirates helps to assemble a battlefield of Piprices to strike the rotate you play Brass.

Forerunner of the Coalition is a Piprice tutor and it deserve to additionally be a repeatable resource opponents" shed life as soon as a Pirate ETB. Ruin Raider have the right to be repeatable draw at your end action via attacking Pirates. Anger and Wonder are good through Pirates particularly Wonder giving them flying evasion. Giving all your Pirates including Brass flying can be a win problem through attacking Piprices. Brass is much better once she has actually haste letting her assault the revolve you actors her. Pirates who deserve to assault the turn you play them deserve to help to cause Brass"s acquire manage ability faster.

Buried Alive can tutor for both Anger/Wonder as well as one various other creature and also put them all right into your graveyard. Can likewise usage Buried with Phyrexian Reclamation and/or March of the Drowned as a way to tutor for Pirates put them into your graveyard and then recur them to your hand. Reclamation have the right to be advantageous repeatable recursion for Piprices since Piprices are going to die over the course of a game.

Marchesa, the Black Rose is not a Pirate, yet she have the right to be a repeatable source of reanimating Piprices. Dethrone is an attacking ability wbelow as if a Pirate attacks your foe through the the majority of amount of life then that Piprice gets a +1/+1 respond to. With Marchesa if that Pirate dies then it will come earlier to the battlearea at your end action. Metallic Mimic is a Piprice once it ETB that interacts well via Marchesa since Mimic deserve to put a +1/+1 counter on another Pirate once it ETB.

Adding some more ramp deserve to aid game play:

Some budobtain lands (each $5 or less) to think about adding:

These are budobtain land also options, but of course there"s many other much better alternatives for lands that are more expensive.

Good luck through your deck.

Casey4321 on Piprices Tribal 1 year earlier

March of the Drowned Yarrr!

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on Pioneer Pirate Aggro 1 year back

So I’ve been discovering even more lists choose this and I think an excellent sideboard might look something like this:2x Fry1x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet3x Leyline of the Void3x Pithing Needle1x Golden Demise1x To the Slaughter3x Kolaghan"s Command1x March of the DrownedI also favor exactly how you had actually Collective Brutality however I just couldn’t discover a location for it. I dunno- it could be really great, but either means it’s out of my budgain variety lol.

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LukeWorthy on All hands on deck! (Parry this you filthy casual) 1 year back

If you"re going for tribal/themed, you have the right to still run Darkslick Shores, Sunken Hollow, or Sunken Ruins for dual lands.Timestream Navigator or March of the Drowned can absolutely discover a fit in your deck, also.

SpaghettiKnife on Bloody Tides 1 year ago

I"ll need to mess roughly through Captain Lannery Storm idea, my worry would be that they don"t synergize well via Fell Flagship and can slow-moving us dvery own given the mana price. Walk the Plank is a great tip, would most likely make a great inclusion in at least the sideboard. I"ve actually tried March of the Drowned in right here before, but uncovered it didn"t aid us to actually win games - this deck is too rapid for it to be valuable against decks without a lot of removal, and also versus decks that are packing significant removal, I"ve found the 4 duplicates of Kitesail Freebooter to be a lot more reliable as it leaves us through an added pirate to boot, no pun intfinished. Thanks for the suggestions, I"ll have to certainly look right into them!