The phrase “many a times” come up every now and also then in English. It’s not the most well known saying, but it still it s okay around. It’s necessary to understand whether that correct and what far better ways there space to say it if it isn’t.

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Is “Many A Times” grammatically Correct?Should I usage “Many A Time” rather Of “Many A Times”?What go “Many A Time” Mean?Examples Of exactly how To usage “Many A Time” In A SentenceIs “Many A” grammar Correct?Should I use “Many A Time” Or “Many Times”?Is It ever Correct To usage “Manier Times”?Many A Time – Synonyms

Is “Many A Times” grammatically Correct?

“Many a times” is not correct, though some world use it in the an ext colloquial and informal sense. The correct form is “many a time.” utilizing “a” in the center of the expression sets “time” as much as be singular. Making use of “times” instead is plural, i beg your pardon is why that incorrect.

The confusion likely originates from including “many” in the phrase. Typically, as soon as we usage “many” in writing, we’re talking around an object in the plural sense:Many applesMany peopleMany timesHowever, if we encompass “a” after “many,” it turns the object ago into the singular form.Many one appleMany a personMany a timeThis is most likely why world think “many a times” is correct even though it simply doesn’t work. One of two people way, it’s an archaic saying the you’ll an extremely rarely uncover a an ideal use for, but it still helps to recognize what that means.

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Should I use “Many A Time” instead Of “Many A Times”?

We’ve currently talked about which phrase is exactly (“many a time”). Now, let’s show you the statistics to come together with it, as lengthy as why you need to use it.According come this graph, “many a time” is by far the most renowned choice. Together you have the right to see, “many a times” gets some use, but it’s barely sufficient to gain it off the baseline. Also, the expression “many a time” was most famous in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Since those dates, “many a time” has fallen the end of favor. Not many civilization still use it today. You have to use “many a time” instead of “many a times” in every cases.

What walk “Many A Time” Mean?

We’ve talked a lot about which is the exactly phrase, but we’ve however to tell you what that means. We don’t want to save writing there is no explaining the an interpretation first!“Many a time” method “many times” or “a lot.” We usage it when we want to talk about something that we’ve done countless times before.As you have the right to see, “many times” is a lot an ext popular now as a phrase than “many a time.” it is why the so hardly ever used. The idiom that “a time” simply doesn’t hold up come the simplicity the comes v saying “many times.”

As language evolves, we choose to keep every little thing as streamlined and easy-to-follow as possible. For that reason, if we’re offered the choice between phrases prefer “many a time” or “many times,” we’ll always take the latter.

Examples Of exactly how To usage “Many A Time” In A Sentence

Still, it have the right to be funny to usage “many a time” if you discover the right situation for it. It no strictly have to be for historic documents and writings, and also if you favor the way it sounds, then it could be a great choice because that you.I’ve to be there many a time before, and also I’d happily walk again.I’ve checked out him countless a time, and also I must say it was never a fun experience!We went earlier many a time since we fell in love!They’ve been here plenty of a time and see that the ideal restaurant in the area.Many a time, I find myself lost for words come say to use.Many a time, she walks about these parts looking for her shed artifact.“Many a time” is associated with “many times.” We usage it in one old-fashioned writing style to talk around something the we’ve done again and also again.

Usually, if someone is asking us about a previous experience (like going to a restaurant), we can use “many a time” come talk around how much we go there and assist them decide whether or not it’s worth their time.

Is “Many A” grammar Correct?

“Many a” is grammatically correct. It’s feasible to use the phrase with any type of object in ~ the end (you have to use “many an” if that object starts through a vowel sound). That an old-fashioned kind of composing “many,” yet it tho works.The complying with phrases will display you exactly how “many a” sentences work:Modern: numerous applesOld-fashioned: plenty of an appleModern: numerous timesOld-fashioned: plenty of a timeModern: many thingsOld-fashioned: countless a thingModern: plenty of carsOld-fashioned: countless a carAll of these phrases space synonymous. You can use whichever one you prefer, despite it’s much more common for aboriginal speakers to usage “many” through the plural type rather than “many a” with the singular form.

Should I usage “Many A Time” Or “Many Times”?

“Many times” is much an ext popular in today’s usage. Friend should always use “many times” end “many a time” unless you’re writing in a historical style (or do the efforts to it is in funny). Generally, “many a time” will certainly be much more satirical or sarcastic in today’s world.Here’s a graph that shows you simply how popular “many times” is today contrasted with “many a time.” If you remember back to the graph previously, you’ll view just exactly how much this changes the all at once trendline that “many a time” once we encompass the mostly used “many times” next to it.

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Is It ever Correct To use “Manier Times”?

“Manier times” is incorrect, and also you need to not usage it. “Manier” is no a word, despite people believe it is the comparative type of “many” (including the “-ier” suffix). You should only usage “many a time” or “many times.”

Many A Time – Synonyms

We’ll complete with some advantageous synonyms and options to “many a time.” These are all more popular in contemporary usage, so take your pick.Many timesA lotOftenOftentimesRepeatedlyAgain and also againOver and also overFrequentlyTime and againDay in, day outConstantlyContinuouslyAll of these synonyms work great in today’s world. Take your pick through whichever one girlfriend think works ideal for the case where you want to speak you’ve done something many times.