Fab: 5XCan you be my B-A-B-Y?M.S. : I'll never ever call one more lover mineAnd why would I, and also why should IWhen I viewed a lady tonight, with my an excellent eye that ns would try and makeMy..(baby..baby)I was up in the club placing my hood highWhen I observed you, and I was standing byJust lookin at your onion girl I might cry, and I might lieI median I could try and speak you ain't sweep me off my feetBut just one thing might keep me off the streetAnd that's if you be my, B-A-B-YI have the right to be why you always be flyAnd I'm from B-Stuy, just like B.I...G. Was, that's just how F-A-B doesWe have the right to sip something 'til us both be buzzedIn a V-dub and also that's just be-causeNeed someone to be my (baby)Kind that girl you discover in the society rockin those (baby) Phat jeansGonna uncover someone to it is in my (baby)I check out some females tonight that should be having actually my (baby, baby)

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After the baby talkThe goo goo ga gaYou like this, that, you execute bla blaCouple an excellent jokes, a couple of brouhaha'sIt's time to perform you, mamaFirst I'mma put you on her backAnd do you scream out (baby)Just choose I put you on the trackThen I'mma lay girlfriend on her sideAnd progressively stroke youWhile you telling me the way you feeling insideBut my sex drive won't do me play friend on the sideYou know you obtain the keys any day you wanna rideAnd my infant know exactly how to begin me upYou obtained the kind of kiss that'll rate a heartbeat upAnd you gained the kind of touch that'll gimme the chillsI ask girlfriend cuz I understand you gonna gimme it realIt won't it is in fakeAnd don't us make a great coupleAnd won't we make a good...(baby)?Ooh, if ns seem just a bit taken, pardon meBut you're so amazingI simply want united state to perform this exclusivelySay you'll it is in my baby
My baby's the just one I lug to the villaThat can acquire the bling and also the scrillaGirl, I know you smooth enough to feather a chinchillaAnd still take it a sting the TequilaThe method you swing is a thrillerI'm watching that prefer the boxing complement in the ring the ManilaI wanna keep it comin like the singles that "Thriller"I typical if girlfriend still uh..my B-A-B-Y

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