I have actually a Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard which comes through a Realtek sound card and audio header for the prior panel. My headset is permanently connected to the front panel (mic in, headphones in) and also I additionally have speakers linked at the behind of the computer. What I desire to attain is the both the headphones and also the speakers work at the same time.

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On mine old pc with Realtek, ns was able to carry out this by click "Device advanced settings" in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and then clicking "Make front and rear output gadgets playback two different audio streams simultaneously" and then doing part reassigning of front/rear setups in the Realtek Audio Manager (can"t psychic the details).

But the doesn"t it seems to be ~ to be working now - either the speakers play sound or the headphones, not both at the very same time.

To pose the concern differently, windows plays the sounds on the "default device". I"d prefer to make both headphones and the speakers sort of prefer the default devices.

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You should disable "Front dashboard jack detection". This will make the front and also rear jacks beat the exact same stream.

Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/243915-49-realtek-audio-manager-sound-signal-simultaneously-front-rear


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I addressed the difficulty with different calculation to the front panelon my ASUS P5P43TD.

All you must do is to go to Onboard tools Configuration in BIOSsettings and change Front panel Type indigenous HD Audio to AC97

After restarting you have actually now Tab called HD Audio 2nd outputin Realtek Audio Manager (but save Speakers tab together default output).

If you can"t see that Tab, walk to Device advanced Settings and change it toMake Front and Rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously.If you choose the other option in Advanced, friend will have only one streambut indigenous both outputs - front and also rear.

And now you have multiple selection for output in well-known applicationssuch together audoi- and video-players, whereby you can adjust output toSpeakers or to HD Audio second output.

As a an outcome my Foobar2000 (audio) and MPC (video) space playingonto various outputs together I"m inputting this post.

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For some gamings you can pick the output too (Black Ops) in gameSound alternatives but in few of them you cannot (MW II)BTW if girlfriend don"t set anything as Default in Realtek Audio Manageryou won"t have any sound in MW II and some other games.