Pin trade Headquarters in EPCOT this morning had several new restricted edition pins for us to collect, and we just had to share ours finds v you. Take it a look at below!

Limited execution Magical Comics “The Emperor’s new Groove” pen – $19.99


The newest “Magical Comics” collection of pins attributes Kuzco in llama-form and also Pacha top top the prior cover.

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The inside functions character signatures top top the left, and also a comic piece of Kuzco in human-form and also Kronk ~ above the right. Only 2500 units are available.

Limited execution “Casey in ~ the Bat” pen – $19.99


This may simply be coincidence, but Disney has released a “Casey in ~ the Bat” pin, which influenced the Casey’s edge restaurant. This food location should be reopening quickly to guests. This one-of-a-kind 75th anniversary pen is limited to just 3000 units.

Limited execution “Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet” pin – $19.99


This standard song written by The Andrews sisters is additionally celebrating that 75th anniversary through an exclude, pin. Only 3000 systems are obtainable as well.

Limited execution “The Whale that Wanted to song at the MET” pen – $19.99


This 1946 classic film developed by Walt Disney is yet one more 75th anniversary pin now available. This features Willie the OperaticWhale ~ above stage offering a performance. Only 3000 pins are obtainable for purchase.

Limited execution “Moana” Magic in the Stars Cancer Zodiac pen – $19.99


On the Zodiac calendar, it’s officially Cancer season. If you have actually a birthday coming up, celebrate through this minimal edition “Moana” pin. This double sided pin features The Cancer constellation top top one side, and Moana and also Pua on the other. Only 4000 units are available.

Limited Edition fourth of July pin – $19.99


Independence job is right approximately the corner. Come celebrate, you can collect this restricted edition holiday pin featuring characters from the 2017 reboot that “DuckTales.” 5000 pins are obtainable of this style.

Limited execution Droid Depot pin – $19.99


One of ours favorite places to visit in Galaxy’s leaf is Droid Depot. This double-feature pin includes DJ R-3X top top one side.


And C-3PO on the other. We additionally spotted this pin newly over in Disneyland. This style is minimal to only 3000 units.

Will you be collecting any type of of these brand-new pins to trade off? permit us understand in the comment below.

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