“On and On” is Stephen Bishop’s biggest hit, getting to #11 in the united state in 1977. The song’s genesis was writing the native “On and on” top top a piece of paper during a walk to his… check out More 

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Down in JamaicaThey obtained lots of quite womenSteal her moneyThen they break your heartLonesome Sue, she's in love with ol' SamTake that from the fire into the frying panOn and also onShe just keeps top top tryingAnd she smiles when she feels prefer cryingOn and also on, On and also on, On and also onPoor ol' JimmySits alone in the moonlightSaw his woman kiss an additional manSo he takes a ladderSteals the stars from the skyPuts ~ above Sinatra and starts come cryOn and onHe simply keeps top top tryingAnd the smiles as soon as he feels prefer cryingOn and also on, On and on, On and on
When the very first time is the critical timeIt have the right to make you feel so badBut if you understand it, display itHold on tightDon't let her say goodnightGot the sunlight on my shouldersAnd mine toes in the sandWoman's left me because that some other manAw, but I don't careI'll just dream and stay tanToss up my heart and also see whereby it landsOn and onI just keep ~ above tryingAnd i smile as soon as I feel like dyingOn and also onOn and onOn and onOn and onOn and onOn and also on
“On and also On” is Stephen Bishop’s best hit, getting to #11 in the us in 1977. The song’s genesis was composing the words “On and also on” onto a item of paper during a walk come his community store. As soon as he returned to his apartment, his landlady’s tropic garden influenced the opened lines around Jamaica. Bishop then invested the day writing and rewriting the lyrics till he was satisfied with them.

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In 1989, british reggae group Aswad tape-recorded the song and also it took it to #25 in the UK.

In the book The Story Behind The Song, Bishop shared:

It was 1975. Ns was walking under the street, going come the ar store, and came up v the location “On and On” and also wrote it on a piece of document in mine wallet. As soon as I got earlier to mine building, ns went upstairs to my tiny apartment in a duplex in silver Lake ns was sharing with my 85-year-old landlady, Violet Marshall. I went into the bedroom, satellite on the the leaf of the bed and also looked the end the home window at miss out on Marshall’s beautiful dry garden that she was so proud of. It was made up of flowers of every conceivable color, from all over the world. They take it me to thinking around being what else, a getaway in the tropics. That’s just how I come up with Jamaica.

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