So, Yesterday morning at 10:30 AM, I cashed out on expush pay. About 5 minutes later, I acquired an e-mail confirming that I acquired paid. It has yet to get to my account. I use Chase, and It has actually always been deposited within 30 minutes of cashing out. Should I call my financial institution first, or get in touch with lyft?



I have a friend who drives Lyft and also they just told me about a similar issue-- they caburned out on Expush Pay yesterday and still haven't seen the funds.

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Edit2: Three days and also counting, my frifinish can't pay bills, Lyft won't look at it until a week passes, bank (wright here Expush Pay has actually constantly functioned before in 30 minutes or less) says it's not them and also nothing is incoming. Pretty crappy situation if you ask me, gonna hafta float 'em some cash till this gets operated out.

I've had actually the same problems the last few days. Been driving for 9 months and never had any concern through Expush pay, always verified up in my bank within 5-10 min. I took a week off for a wedding and also began driving aget last week and also caburned out and also it took about 24 hrs to show up. Tried it aget yesterday afternoon and as of currently it still hasn't displayed up. I emailed assistance and also gained a conventional, canned and incredibly unvaluable response. Not certain what they did yet 24 hours seems to be the new norm so much.

Sounds like a weekend point via your bank. Have the funds arrived yet? Have you checked your app to check out if funds have yet to be distributed?

Funds haven't arrived yet. App claims $0 balance. Lyft says its remained in transit from them. I've never before had actually this issue before with expush pay and also my bank, also on a sunday. I additionally drive for uber, and also I cashed out at the exact same time and acquired my funds instantly.

This worry began with me last week and has actually been happening ever considering that, it used to deposit within 10 minutes yet currently it takes a day and over the weekfinish also much longer.

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I used express pay on Sunday and also it's still mirroring pending in my bank. Lyft sent a message stating that they no longer charge for expush pay, but they did. In my opinion - save the $0.50 and wait till Tuesday for the actual deposit to go in and conserve money. As it transforms out, I'm paying them .50 to make an prompt deposit into my account and I'm going to have to wait the very same amount of time. Bastards!

Happy I'm not singled out in this problem however sad it's also happening lyft demands to drop this 3rd party agency or something. I haven't got my last 2 Express payouts. The second one I knew about and also had been fighting but the first worry I didn't realize till I went checking.blet this be a lesson for everyone no matter what examine ur bank account and lyft deposits weekly

I wonder if Express Pay stops working for larger payouts as you might logoff if you obtain that money as opposed to small payouts which are regularly supplied to finance even more driving.

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