I supplied Facebook recovery code for mine password however I keep getting LS-NONCE. But a friend tried theirs and also gets a number. Now I"m obtaining a slow-moving down message. I"ve never had this worry before. Is it just doing that because I offered it too much? It just started this particular day the very first request claimed it. I cleared browsers and also restarted and also tried again and same thing however didn"t recognize if anyone else has actually this.


I am having the same problem (started today) and also wanted to check out if her LS-NONCE code concern was resolved yet.

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This is one utter joke! i swear to God....the pure worst thing around this is the Facebook space uncontactable! I"m literally beside myself!


Exact same thing simply happened come me. I"ve emailed the Facebook protection and assist desk around 3 times describing this trouble - and no response. The system sent me the LS-NONCE code (7 letters) along with a message that says I need to get in "the 6 number they are sending out to mine email" several times. Supposedly it isn"t simply me, which is oddly reassuring. I googled LS-NONCE & discovered this forum. It started once I accidentally miss-typed my email while logging in. I tried to obtain in through the correctly typed email and also my password - & it would not work-related so i tried to reset the password...& have the right to only obtain the phony LS-NONCE reset code which clearly doesn"t work. I"m wonder if this is password for "don"t allow this person ago on facebook?"


I have actually the very same problem! Anyone who knows what to do? I have actually reporter the trouble several times currently för days.... Nothing happens. Ns from Sweden.

Omg - this is soooo gaining me down! I"ve had actually this because that 2 weeks now - LS-NONCE!I went through the same procedure with one more account ns have and get a 6-digit code sent out straight to mine inbox! however for my key account ns keep obtaining thie!Does everyone have any type of idea what is going on?Facebook never bother to reply - however it"s a glitch in your system!

I"ve been fighting this too. No assist from Facebook. Who else also created an account utilizing my phone call number which provides it impossible to do anything. Don"t they check for dup phone call numbers once someone creates an account? all they have to do is send an e-mail saying who is make the efforts to use your phone number.Right currently I am SO worn down OF facebook SCREWING UP!!

Facebook shows up to be disengaged from interaction with the users. The password reset code, LS-NONCE is one automated response - possibly supplied when errors space made once entering passwords or email accounts. Supposedly no one is surveillance these automatic accounts. Ns assumed that eventually someone would notice & attend to the problem, however its been virtually 2 mainly & regardless of sending many messages (each worded in different ways to show that i am not an automatic robot myself), no human being being indigenous the alleged "facebook defense team" responds. Words Nonce actually describes a one-time code to avoid misuse. Interesting. Probably they have actually so numerous facebook customers they merely do no care.

It"s such a relief to hear the others are having actually this issue. It has been numerous weeks now that I have not had access to mine FB account. Ns REALLY don"t desire to start a brand-new account because I use my account for a lot of service stuff. I discovered this website of support request develops (https://www.postplanner.com/how-to-contact-facebook-to-get-support/). Ns filled in 2 of them however there to be no confirmation web page nor was there a check email. I have no idea if the forms were received. Regardless, if us all submit a couple forms, possibly someone in ~ FB will take notice.Has anyone made development with this issue?

I did try some that those forms. I additionally noticed over there was not a check email sent out to me, as the kind message stated there would be.I am thinking there *has* to it is in a method to contact someone. I considered reporting mine account as hacked, however it"s not. Ns don"t desire to lose that account. I have many service connections linked with mine account. Keep us posted!

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