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Based ~ above the erotic video game by Atelier Kaguya ceiling & Bunny.In a civilization where humans and also demi-humans coexist, Taichi Amano has by accident drank some blood the Kuon Aoe, the most well-known girl in the school. Drinking her blood readjusted his body to have a one-of-a-kind constitution i m sorry awakens demi-humans.In exchange because that protecting Taichi native whoever would target him, the Aoe residence made the cooperate through awakening Kuon...(Source: VNDB)

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"Demi-human races, or "demis", exist in this world."Story: In a human being where humans and also demi-humans coexist, our protagonist Amano finds self in a school full of hot demi-human girls and also tries desperately to obtain a date, always to no avail. Yet his happy is about to readjust as he gets part vampie blood into his bloodstream (in a very, very, an extremely stupid anime-esque accident), making him a wade pheromone spray and turning his human body fluids right into an awakening essence, which can fully awaken a demi-human's latent powers.Art: art was mostly an excellent but a bit rough a times, specifically with the hands, feet and also sometimes faces. I also noticed 2 or 3 loops v coloring mistakes. Animation was okay. The angles were great though, such a breath of new air see so many greatly positioned shots, particularly outside the sex scenes.Sound: below is my biggest complain. The voices were good and all but the kid wouldn't prevent moaning loudly as fuck favor a small bitch transparent the entirety thing, to the suggest that it was pretty lot unbearable and I couldn't acquire into the the atmosphere anymore. An excellent sound effects. Sountrack to be fine, just a little bit low.Character: The girls to be pretty boring, actually. The dark-skinned one, Seira, was pretty hot yet nothing the end of the ordinary, simply your continuous gyaru (fucking loved the part she bullies the old man, though). The protagonist was horribly annoying due to the fact that of all that moaning, and an as whole desperate dimwit.Enjoyment: i loved the angles, however that's about the just thing this hentai go well and also differently. The setting is interesting, however the story execution was stupid native the start to end. Could've delighted in it better, yet the extreme kid's moaning rotate me off so, so much that it made the totality thing drag quite a bit.Overall: generic at best, insufferable in ~ worst and also a prime instance of why ns dislike masculine voice acting in hentai.