"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" indigenous Apocalypse Now (1979) is one of those perfect movie price quotes that applies to united state all -- even though most of us weren"t in Vietnam and also have never ever smelled napalm in the morning. As delivered entirely straight-faced by sublieutenant Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall), in manager Francis Ford Coppola"s war epic, the heat expresses many things in ~ once. There"s a morbid optimism to it, an enthusiasm because that a hellish predicament, a complete command that the details of a case with a complete lack of attention in that is life-or-death gravity. Kilgore fondly speak of napalm as many of us would of our morning coffee or frying bacon.

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But Kilgore, together protagonist and also narrator Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) observes, has actually that x-factor that makes some men flourish in the midst of the chaos of Vietnam. "He was simply one of those men with the weird light approximately him," Willard tells us. "He just knew the wasn"t gonna obtain so much as a scrape here." if Kilgore"s fondness because that the death-dealing flammability shocks us, his bulletproof competence and also confidence inspires at the very least a bit of envy.

That"s why us say it once we wake up up v chaos swarming all around, a job of hell laid out prior to us. We desire to obtain the day"s task done there is no sweating the existential risks crashing all roughly us -- we summon our very own inner Kilgore: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ... The smells prefer victory."

In the 40 years because the release of Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" has taken on a life that its own. It"s been misquoted, provided in cartoons, and also even repurposed to fit into films by men like Kevin Smith. At this suggest “napalm” is inescapable.

If you love come quote movies like Apocalypse Now, Jaws, and Dirty Harry, that’s because they to be written v the stylistic grow of man Milius. His screenwriting career has actually taken him come the Wild West with Jeremiah Johnson, and also to the mythical Hyborean age with Conan the Barbarian, however he many famously lugged the horrors the Vietnam to the American world in Apocalypse Now.

Milius isn’t pretentious around the line, and in one interview v CNN he admitted that it just popped right into his head one day. Milius said:

I simply wrote that -- it simply came up. That"s what happens. Human being love come think the all this ingredient happens when you write a famed line -- the you really thought about it a lot.

As lot as cinephiles love that line, Milius takes greater pride in one more famous explain Kilgore says later on in the scene: “Charlie nothing surf.”

You"re Probably gaining The Quote Wrong


If you’re one of the many civilization who loves to odor napalm in the morning, mostly due to the fact that it smells choose victory, climate you’re also one that the many people saying the line all wrong. The really quote is much longer than civilization think the is. Robert Duvall together Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore doesn’t simply say, “I love the odor of napalm in the morning, the smells like victory.”

His actual quote is much much more intense, and it nods to the horrors of war that the personality faces, and the means they’ve warped his thoughts. Additionally, the racial slur suggests a view that the foe is subhuman, which prevents remorse over killing them. Kilgore says: 

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Friend know, one time we had actually a hill bombed for 12 hours. As soon as it was all over, ns walked up. Us didn’t find one of ’em, no one stinkin" dink body. The smell, you understand that gasoline smell, the entirety hill. Smelled favor victory.

What Is Napalm, Anyway?


You"ve claimed the indigenous a thousands times, you"ve heard Robert Duvall bark it the end in Apocalypse Now, but what specifically is napalm? Originally emerged at Harvard in 1942, napalm was produced for the air objectives in people War II, back armies around the world were utilizing lesser execution of napalm as early as people War I. The incendiary substance contains a gelatin that offers the mixture a tacky texture the sticks come its targets, burning every little thing it touch at the constant heat the 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit and for much longer durations than that of your median explosive device. 

The very nice of using napalm is the way that that destroys every little thing it touches regardless of even if it is it"s being dropped indigenous a aircraft or fired from a flamethrower. Either way, napalm is perfect for long-distance annihilation.

When deployed indigenous a plane, napalm bombs suck the oxygen the end of wherever they explode, transforming the air come at least 20 percent carbon monoxide. It’s most likely that if friend were actually smelling an ext than a slight noise of napalm, you i will not ~ be roughly long sufficient to boast about your desired time of work in i beg your pardon its ostrich hit you. 

The Quote Is used In So many Movies and TV Shows


Even if you’ve never seen Apocalypse currently there’s a great chance the you’ve heard the famed napalm quote in one more film or tv show. Heck, yes a pretty great chance that your youngsters have even heard the quote in a Saturday morning cartoon. The quote is therefore ubiquitous in the society that that wriggled its method into movies choose Mallrats, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, and DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story.

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On height of that, if you’ve watched an episode of The A-Team, House, or MythBusthers lately climate you’ve absolutely heard someone rip off Kilgore’s immortal line. That simply goes to present that if you really touch civilization with your work-related it stays roughly forever -- however maybe no in the ways you think the does. 

Duvall’s Quote motivated Every Blockbuster the Followed


Left: Kilgore describes to surfer Lance Johnson (Sam Bottoms) whereby he"s going come surf the beach his unit has just captured. Right: Kilgore shows on his love because that the odor of napalm. Source: IMDB

Writing because that the Guardian, Anne Bilson theorizes that Kilgore’s immortal napalm line and the remainder of the exceptionally quotable Apocalypse Now motivated the screenwriters and filmmakers that followed to jam load their movies complete of instantly memorable dialogue. With lines choose "I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” and also "Terminate … with excessive prejudice" (to to speak nothing the the nuttiness uttered by Dennis Hopper and also Marlon Brando) it’s impossible not come be influenced to recreate the sensation of flipping a switch in a filmgoer"s head.

Truly great Films need That One Distinctive Line


Left: Kilgore emerges from a helicopter, the scent of victory in the air. Right: Helicopters and tasty waves, Kilgore"s 2 favorite things. Source: IMDB