‘Our latest high performance hybrid. In the heritage of the Rocket and its many knock offs, the Shortround bridges the gap between simple riding “cheater” boards and also the HP Shortboard. Tested all roughly Southern California in the summer of 2014, this board has actually even more than impressed. The buzz around it is spanalysis fast. The rate comes from a low enattempt rocker and wide-ish nose, through a forward wide allude and generous concave throughout. The performance comes from a modeprice, yet not flipped up, tail rocker, a twin concave through the fins and also the exact same sort of modern bump squash tail that you would find on a typical dispute style, small wave HP shortboard. All unified, it doesn’t look favor anypoint elaborate and also tright here are no gimmicks, however some times much less is more, and there is a lot packed right into this little bit board.’



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Image source: Lost Surfboards

What people are saying around it:

“This board bridges the gap between basic riding “cheater” boards and also HP shortboards. It doesn’t look like anything intricate and tbelow are no gimmicks, but periodically much less is even more.” – lost_incarry out on Instagram

“It’s super light. It’s super rapid and aobtain, it feels really springy underfoot. It just launches out of transforms, feels really snappy as soon as I go to do a backhand rotate. I’m not an extremely quick surfer, I’m even more of a power surfer. This provides me feel much faster than I am so that’s a great thing.” – Benny on comparesurfboards.com

“The key to the ShortRound’s performance is the modeprice yet definitely not flipped up tail rocker, the double concave through the fins and the regulation, modern bump/squash tail well-known in high performance, challenge, tiny wave shortboards.” – boardshop.co.uk

“…Under the best problems, this board is fast and also precise. I use it for those middle sized beach break days as soon as the tide is a little lower and I require the power of that deep concave to store me hugged to the pocket as soon as it gets steep… Shred ’till You’re Dead!” – Shredding Hippie Surf Show on earthmagick.wix.com

“The Brief Round works to bridge the gap in between hybrids favor the original Rocket and also higher-performance shortboards…” – realwatersporting activities.com

“The board is really quick dvery own the line.

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No surpincrease tright here. When you really put your weight into your ago foot, you have the right to crank a nice revolve or hit the lip.” – kool-assist on forum.surfermag.com