The little Sisters of the Poor and CHI Living areas are pleased to announce that the 2 Catholic organizations signed a purchase commitment which contemplates the deliver of property of the small Sisters that the Poor’s spiritual Heart house located on southern Wynn road in Oregon, Ohio to CHI life Communities. The proposed change would take impact February 1, 2019, ~ above the completion of customary closing conditions. The brand-new name will be The Gardens of St. Francis.

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“Our shared Catholic identification makes this an ideal shift for the residents, families, and also community neighboring Sacred heart Home,” stated Rick Ryan, President/CEO of CHI life Communities. “Like the small Sisters that the Poor, our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion, and also excellence facility on our extensive respect for each person.”He continued, “The committed Sacred Heart home team will carry out residents nothing less than personal and experienced best, v a commitment to the optimal health and well-being for individuals and also communities.”

“We feeling blessed to have found a partner in CHI Living neighborhoods that shares the Catholic mission the respecting and celebrating the dignity of every human being being,” said mom Loraine Marie Maguire, LSP, Provincial exceptional of the little Sisters of the poor who sponsor and currently run Sacred love Home. She continued, “Care because that the elderly has actually been fundamental to the mission that the Catholic Church native the very beginning and also has been the single mission that our religious Congregation right here in the United claims for the last 150 years. We space confident that CHI Living areas will continue that Christ-centered emphasis and provide a true home for all the occupants that will live v them in the future.”

Most Reverend Daniel E. Thomas, Bishop of Toledo, said, “I to be so pleased to discover the small Sisters of the negative have signed a purchase agreement with CHI living Communities, assuring that spiritual Heart residence will remain in the Catholic Health treatment Family.It is mine sincere hope the they will carry on the excellent work that the small Sisters that the poor in caring for occupants with Gospel motivated values. I look front to the development of CHI living Communities’ visibility in the Diocese of Toledo together they continue the heritage of the small Sisters the the Poor and also their witness come the healing and merciful love of Christ Jesus.”

Sacred love Home currently consists of 47 skilled nursing (SNF) units and six assisted living suites with third floor independent living units. The small Sisters have actually served in the Diocese of Toledo due to the fact that 1885. The present Sacred Heart residence was created in 2004.

“Current and future occupants will it is in treated with the very same level of exceptional care and also outstanding individuals waiting to treatment for them as they have actually in the past,” stated Ryan.

“Sacred Heart residence will be part of a Catholic ministry that started in northwest Ohio and also is in your ar based. CHI living Communities at this time has 12 campuses throughout the United claims serving more than 2,500 residents and employing over 2,000,” that added. “Those common services help us come lead through care and meet the body, mind, and spirt demands of each human being in the many dignified and faith-based manner possible.”

Formed in 1998 together Franciscan Living neighborhoods as a sponsored ministry of the sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, CHI Living areas is a national organization line that Catholic health and wellness Initiatives(CHI). The organizationprovides substantial care in a selection of living options, including independent and also assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and also rehabilitation services.

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The end of 2018, CHI and Dignity health will align with each other to become CommonSpirit Health, a new nonprofit Catholic wellness system.CommonSpirit health will offer communities throughout 21 says with hospitals, outpatient centers, home health and wellness agencies, aided living and also retirement communities, and also community-based health programs. The brand-new ministry will certainly follow a “house of brands” strategy, retaining the names of regional facilities and services in the neighborhoods they are located. CHI Living areas is a strong and important component of this brand-new alignment. For an ext information walk to www.advancinghealthcaretogether.org.