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“Call in your order prior to you go this area is constantly PACKED....... Maybe I shouldn't tell everyone around the phone in. Now when I go pick up our pizzas the line for the phone in…” more


“What is absent from this picture? Hint: it's green yet you have to look really close! Missing the green bell peppers! Epic fail and also it was late too!” more

“Perfect cheese pizza...I understand tright here are much better pizzas for even more money yet once you gained to feed a herd for sleep over grand also kids...While Nini made pancakes…” more

“Best damn pizza in the world Get the saintake pepperoni pizza and also Thai chilli wings, you won't regret it” more

“It was ok. The don't sell x-huge pizzas which is strange. The pizza itself was good. Not remarkable, but decent. The wings were okay also. I like mine crispy…” more

“Ohmgeeee. Cannoli: The homemade cannoli is heavenly. It has a crunchy shell and also a creamy filling via 2 maraschino cherries on the ends & topped with a…” more

“I don't think I'll ever before sheight ordering from this area so the first time I ordered from right here I gained a salad and also it was seriously so expensive yeah I'm so so great we…” more

“Absolutely delicious ordered shipment of the McKinley big thin crust w/o cheese. It was so yummy The staff. Erica & shipment person were useful,…” more

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“I first uncovered out around Piarra pizza on Thanksoffering.Eexceptionally various other pizza location was closed on that holiday except for Piarra pizza. My children are pizza heads so I…” more

“This area was recommended to my wIfe from a fellow tastecraftedmcd.comer who's swears by this place. While it is out of the method in Moreno Valley my wife and I determined to soptimal in on our means back to…” more