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Zoot suit Daffy Duck, also known together "Literally Me", is an image of Looney tunes character Daffy Duck v a blond hair hairstyle, a purple zoot suit, and a environment-friendly bow tie. The photo is frequently connected with JoJo"s Bizzarre Adventure stands. The image is also generally used in conjunction v copypastas like Literally Me.


The image originates from a step in Looney tunes cartoon short Book Revue, originally released in 1946.<5>

The first use of the original photo of Daffy Duck remained in the 4chan /co/ subject "ITT: personalities that are essentially you". In the thread, the image of Daffy Duck to be paired with the words, "For me it"s Daffy Duck – intelligent, nihilistic and also with a wicked feeling of humor." to be posted January 13th, 2015, in recommendation to Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked sense of Humor. <2>



The image have the right to be commonly found by in search of the ax "Literally Me", particularly on various 4chan boards. Together of in march 6th, 2016 a find for accurate me top top DesuStorage because that /co/ includes over 500 results.<3> A short article of the picture accompanied by the message "Daffy"s Bizarre Adventure.jpg" was posted to tumblr on might 30th, 2015. As of march 2016, that short article has gained over 9 thousand notes.<4> On march 1st, 2016 a write-up was made to the reddit subreddit /r/OutOfTheLoop asking what the joke is behind the accurate Me picture.<1>

zoo Suit Tom Crossover

"Zoot suit Tom", also known as "One much more Time" in reference to the Fucking Cat, is a picture of the personality Tom from Tom and Jerry pull in a zoo Suit.<12> The character is often shown as a rival to literally Me. The photo originates native the 1944 Tom and Jerry episode, The zoo Cat.<13>

The zoo Cat (1944) by iadb

The first mention of the personalities being paired with each other is in the /co/ basic drawthread, where a user asked for a drawing of the characters having a pose turn off from JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure.

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The an initial post wherein Zoot fit Tom is described as One more Time is in the /co/ drawthread, where a poster attracted a picture of zoo Suit Tom and Literally Me as a JoJo stands. The picture was post on February 25th, 2016. On February 29th, 2016 a video of accurate Me and One much more Time together stands native JoJo"s Bizzare Adventure to be uploaded come YouTube. Together of march 2016 the video has acquired over 25 thousand views.