More “Lion candlestick Lie Down through the Lamb” Mandela impact Residual

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Happy Resurrection Day! since of Jesus’ great sacrifice of dying on the cross, we room entitled to live forever in a joyful, perfect society. In the brand-new Earth it will be peaceful and all the animals will be friendly. The lion shall lie down through Read much more …


The Wolf and the Lamb is an Aesop Fable (Isaiah 11:6)

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Isaiah 11:6 The wolf additionally shall dwell v the lamb, and the leopard chandelier lie down v the kid; and also the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a small child shall command them. The wolf currently dwells v the lamb, all Read an ext …

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The Lion and also the Lamb – bible Changes Mandela result (Isaiah 11:6)

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It is believed that Isaiah 11:6 is the first Bible scripture to it is in supernaturally adjusted by the Quantum Mandela Effect. It is no coincidence that Isaiah 11:6 as soon as turned upside under is 9:11. 9-11 is a far-reaching number in the satanic world, as they to plan Read an ext …




Do you remember the Scarecrow having actually a pistol before? ABSURD!!!Ah yes, he was the one with no brains. Is that what they’re sayin’?We’re not in Kansas anymore!

Another brand-new Mandela impact can it is in seen below as well. The tin man has actually a handle on his funnel hat the was not there before.

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Theso-called "Mandela Effect" or the "Quantum Effect" is an unexplainedphenomenon. There are numerous hypothesis regarding what might be causing thiseffect where things change contrary to our collective memories. Listed below is a secular video from Youtube user Top5s entitled "The Mandela impact | Examples& feasible Explanation | Documentary"If believed out logically there room some explanations that us candismiss. One such illogical explanation is the someone traveled backin time and also made the changes we check out today. If this to be true climate wewould all have actually the same memories of this events and there would certainly be nocontroversy. For instance we would certainly all psychic "magic winter on thewall", rather of "mirror, mirror on the wall". Besides, howwould someone have the ability to get the script writers, actors, and also directorsto change the words? But, the trouble gets worse once youconsider the dozens of songs and also movie transforms spanning differentdecades. An additional hypothesis is that an alternating reality has actually somehow impinged onours. This parallel cosmos miraculously has the same civilization we do(all with the same names and geneology), schools, music, movies,newspapers, corporations, art, science, countries, oceans,continents, animals, sun, moon, stars, regulations of physics, and also a millionother impossible coincidences. Additionally there is zero evidence of paralleluniverses, other than in thousands of Hollywood movies, TV series, and othermedia propaganda.There are powerful clues as to who few of the players room behind this phenomenon. Below is a photo of a CERN physicist holding a tell tale sign prior to the "Mandela Effect" to be known.
This picture is a little tiny here, but there is one orange authorize that reads, "Mandela" on it.In the secular civilization the transforms are meaningless, and just a curiosity. In the Christian people the alters are enormous, and really serious indeed. The "Mandela Effect, or the Quantum Effect", or what ever you want to contact it seems currently to be setting it"s sights ~ above the Bible, Christian literature, art and also doctrines. I don"t understand what is bring about this "Mandela or Quantum Effect" (although I doubt I do) yet I DO recognize that if this were merely a random event then the secular civilization should be experiencing changes of the same magnitude together Christianity, however they are not. This website was constructed to document the ongoing significant changes and assist preserve the facts as we knew them. ~ above this site we will certainly be documenting many examples the undeniable transforms that to be unmistakably engineered to threaten God"s character, the scriptures, doctrine, and also the Truth!