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Perhaps the most annoying thing about leaving Skull Woods is that you’re exiting the final ar of Skull Woods. Yes an entire third of the dungeon the stands in between you and escaping ago to a an ext normal ar of the map. In order to acquire to acquire Crystal number four, girlfriend really have actually two choices:


Either way, you will do it be just external the Skeleton Woods in the Dark World. There need to be a long line of bushes heading westward, so clear a route for yourself, bearing south as soon as you discover a lengthy corridor heading out of the woods.

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Once clean of the forest, you’ll find yourself in the village of Outcasts, the Dark world representation that Kakariko. There space Moblins, Taros, and fox-like bandits referred to as Pikku here, however you probably won’t operation into any type of on the method to the dungeon. Girlfriend can find Thieves’ Town exactly whereby the duck wind vane and the compass climbed would be, just southeast that your departure from the woods. There you’ll uncover a huge statue the a gargoyle v a pitchfork serving as a gate preventing entry. Yet you’re strong enough; pull on the pitchfork and it will open up right up.

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It will certainly take a great feat of strength to yank open up the entrance to Level Four.

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Walk just a couple of paces north, and you’ll currently spot the chest comprise the Map.

Immediately top top entering you’ll be faced with the dragon-like Zazak. These men are relatively rough and also frequently aggressive towards Link, despite they typically won’t offer chase. The blue ones are greatly benign; they wander about the location with general disregard for Link. However, red ones will present contempt for attach whenever they see him, spitting the end a big fireball that is unable to it is in blocked, also with the upgraded Red Shield. Zol, Sparks, and Winders will also be fairly common in these opened rooms, though again they’re relatively avoidable. You’ll additionally find a couple of Rabbit Beams sporadically about, commonly hiding beneath the catwalks the end of sight, for this reason you’ll have to be on her toes just in situation you can’t stop them.

First points first: Hop under from the ledge and also head forward; in ~ the four-way intersection, turn left, and you’ll uncover the Map within the opened room. From there, head every the way east and then bear north once you reach the eastern wall surface in stimulate to transition to the next room.

Immediately turn right in the second room in order come enter the 3rd room. Once there, instantly bear south right into the fourth. You can get captured unawares by the hare Beam hiding in ~ the edge of the room right before the display transition, so perhaps pause a tiny bit prior to making your way so it will certainly fizzle out when it runs right into the dungeon wall.

Continue southward in the 4th room and also eventually head up a staircase to accessibility the catwalks above. You’ll watch a treasure chest come the southeast, but you’ll need to circle around the pit listed below you counterclockwise in bespeak to reach it. Head end to the chest and also you’ll be rewarded v the Compass.

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2x.png 1772w\" sizes=\"(max-width: 1770px) 100vw, 1770px\" />Rabbit Beams abound together you close in top top the Compass.

Once you have actually the Compass, jump turn off of the catwalks heading come the left, continuing all the method back come the very first room. A endowment chest will certainly be wait for you, and also in the is the huge Key.

9.3Shine light into Blind’s lair

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You can uncover the an initial Small an essential just exterior the ceo room.

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2x.jpg 1772w\" sizes=\"(max-width: 1770px) 100vw, 1770px\" />Gibo have the right to only it is in damaged in their cores, and only as soon as separated from your bodies.

The following room each other something the a template for most of the rest of the floor: conveyor belts. When this absolutely isn’t the an initial dungeon special conveyor belts, this dungeon features countless rooms v them, request a same dosage of agile reasoning to prevent damage or falls. This is the easiest of the rooms featuring a one-way conveyor belt heading down into a series of Traps. Impede the way is one Anti-fairy and also two red blobs dubbed Gibo. Gibo are consisted of of two halves, a body and a core, both of which will deal girlfriend damage. The external body of the Gibo are fully immune to every attacks and will safeguard the main point if it is inside; however, the core is fragile to spicy objects such together your sword. Every now and also again, the core will leave the body, and the body will eventually trail after it after a brief time. In every honesty, these men are seldom worth fighting, for this reason you have the right to bypass lock carefully and continue west.

The following room, naturally, kicks it increase a couple of notches in the complexity. The conveyor now stretches for the whole room, and not only will you need to worry around three Gibo but likewise bouncing Traps and also a wandering Winder. Again, however, the enemies here are probably an ext tedious to defeat 보다 they are to simply simply avoid, for this reason skip the fighting and make your way against the grain till you with the end of the conveyor belt. Head north once you with the finish of the room.

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It’s finest to trip the decision Switch as far away indigenous the Traps as you can.

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2x.jpg 1772w\" sizes=\"(max-width: 1770px) 100vw, 1770px\" />You’ll have to bomb this job of ground to dare lug light right into Blind’s lair.