ns was thinking about the fastest way to with Rossos house in the minigame HYRULE HOTFOOT. Walk anyone has a great route to with the goal with Pegasus boots and also WITHOUT Pegasus boots?


From GameFaqs.com:

A great alternate route calls for that girlfriend have access to Lorule, and have set off the "Skull Woods" weather vane. Start the race, then use the fissure portal nearby to reach Lorule. Usage Irene"s Bell and also get come Skull Woods, then go south to exit the forest. Continue south, east, and also north to the destroyed Miner"s House, making use of the fissure portal behind the bars. Then, departure the house and talk to the various other Racing Bro to finish the race. It should acquire you there through a good time, especially if you have not master the regular path.

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As to your question around doing it there is no the boots, I have tried and tried and I perform not think it is possible; even using the method with the boots ns posted above.


The other answerers are wrong. You have the right to win BOTH ring without the boots, easily, if you use the Lorule/Skull Woods method. It takes around 58 to 64 seconds, as lengthy as you do not waste time on any kind of enemies and also are fast with the bell (also skip the broom dialogue). Having actually the sword fully charged can help, for cutting the violet flowers if you"re walking.


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