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Gang!No Limit MB150 Roc Block ManR.I.P. them niggasWelcome to Fazoland also coming soonJust be patientI know that"s what ya"ll been waiting forLet"s Get It!Free them niggasLook I wake up eincredibly morning with the very same state of mindBitch I"m running to this moneyLet the lames wait in lineI"m impatientBitch I"m chasingThis first place and also we not racingNow I"m cashingRiding AstonsWent from sitting in the stationBut I"m up nowAll the community hoes wanna fuck nowI can"t let chain me up like a chump nowI just call my lil bros let her bustdownSee Jackie at the peak once you touch downI done shed alotta niggas to this street shitHad to duck alotta triggers to this street shitI done watched alotta niggas execute this street shitBut the roads talk once you in deep shitTaught me obtain wealthy reason you can"t beat thisGotta stay afloat niggas gaining seasickGotta gain the dough I ain"t via the cheap shitFor everybody ever shelp I wouldn"t be shitSeen my homie hit twice coulda been threeAlmost seen Christ twice coulda been threeI"mma burn these pipes "fore they acquire meI had to earn my stripes coulda went sweetNow I separate from niggas I don"t trustNiggas that ain"t starve through meAnd all them bitches I ain"t fuckCausage I was working hardMixcorresponding words straight in that booth attaching verbsHerb gon" obtain what he deserve and I deserve it allGot some shit a couple labels heardNow they want Herb to ballGet me out the hood and also in them hillsMan I done heard it allBut honestly my niggas honour meWon"t leave that hood at allAnd honestly, No Limit sponsors meMe and also my hood gon" ballResponsibly I store my promisesNo require for complimentsI do as I please favor the G"sFuck the consequenceYou boys ain"t in my leagueGot my rate or accomplishmentsMight catch me overseas smoking weed eating Lobster tailOr I"m most likely over East wbelow they pop you over beefDissing "bout them L"s boys till they spot you in the streetNow they got you in the streetsWith nun" to block you from that heatAin"t no boxing over EastMy youngins pop before they speakThat"s the way it go in my cityThey trained to go in my cityWe dream of sunny daysBut it rain and also snow in my cityThem things will blow in my cityThem boys be feeling angerCan"t just be hood on hoodThem boys be killing strangersEverything ain"t excellent all goodIt ain"t the same once your mans attract bloodNiggas adjust once the gang attract bloodWhen it"s cold in the gameNiggas do not recognize your nameHave you posted on the blockGiving blows in the rain16 toting Glocks reasoning those are the thingsNow you on optimal riding fours on a rangeEverywbelow niggas claim yall cuzNah it ain"t all love where I fulfill you atNiggas want Herb male that"s why I store a strapPosted over East male where them heaters atRun up on me bro let them heaters clapAnd dear Lord I prayThat on the day as soon as you take me awayI got sufficient money laid in the safeTo make certain my moms and also my sister they straightBut the Lord coulda took me todayLet a nigga run up on me cook me todayIt wouldn"t be easy I stay through the EightOr I make one speak to have them K"s in his faceCatch me in the mall spfinishing K"s on my waistAll I know is ballAnd I do it harder than ya"llIn the club throwing racks got your broad off the wallOff the Po" up leaning so tough I could fallCodeinePour me upTriple cupsFours a nightSmoking dopeSipping leanPurple spriteHold the iceMe and also broski riding in that challenger high as fuckAny nigga challenge usDuck once we riding upBuck at the nigga backBuss till the nigga flatOne to his fitted capWatch exactly how the nigga actSkeet offDrop the warm offCall an ass to hitPick her up smash the bitchV12 rapid as shitDudeski call it ActivistI"m gon" off a sixI ain"t lackin" while it"s crackin"Somepoint long on my hipBig pole niggaYou gotta be strong just to liveQuick spirit lifterThis will gain him gone in a jiffLeave a nigga best there on the block where I"m atRiding via youngsters and Marley in a lot with the MacRiding with cause we gone leave you stinging from the blackNigga lay a pair bricks on a matWe on thatApologies you do not want thatRun upon us with the chance you ain"t blow thatToo bad guy I feel for youSay you eating guy I hope your squad gained a last meal for youCatch a nigga in the store we blow himRecord a nigga via his ho we blow himCapture a nigga he don"t acquired it we smoke himCapture a nigga out in website traffic we on himNiggas think they want static perform they really?Ask me why I start rapping carry out they hear me?But this shit ain"t just rap cause it"s in meWe ain"t worried "bout your stack we got 50"sPut No Limit on my back for the cityAnd No Limit"s wright here it"s at in the cityRight on Essex where I"m at come and also obtain meRight on Essex where I"m at come and obtain meL"sNo Limit MBGang!Get More crack when my tape dropGet More crack as soon as my tape drop